Best Reflective Motorcycle Helmet Stickers – 2021 Ultimate Guide

| Last Updated: January 15, 2022

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As a motorcycle rider, safety should be one of your main priorities.

Even if you already have reflective gear on your clothes or motorcycle, adding some reflective stickers to your helmet can improve visibility as you travel at night and in adverse weather. 

Since there are so many options on the market, make sure you choose the best reflective motorcycle helmet stickers for you with our top products list below.

Comparison of the Best Motorcycle Helmet Reflective Stickers

  • Can be used with a variety of smooth surfaces for your safety
  • Comes with high durability of up to 8 years
  • Very effective in daylight, dark, and in the rain
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  • Very effective in daylight, dark, and in the rain
  • Can be used with a variety of smooth surfaces for your safety
  • It is very easy to use this stickers for your convenience
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  • Best for the Money
  • Made from very durable vinyl material
  • Can be used with a variety of smooth surfaces for your safety
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  • Durable to last for as long as 7 years
  • Versatile to be used on a variety of surfaces without problems
  • Visible and reflective in all light conditions
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What is the Purpose of Reflective Motorcycle Helmet Stickers?

When you hear the word “stickers,” you may think of some fun design for children. However, motorcycle stickers - while they can be aesthetically pleasing - serve to protect riders in various situations.   


Motorcycle riders are constantly at a greater risk of accidents and injuries because of the small vehicle size and exposed bodies. It is much easier for other drivers to see a large car coming up behind or alongside them, and motorcycles can easily go unnoticed. 

Reflective motorcycle helmet stickers ensure that other drivers on the road see the bike. When the cars’ headlights shine on the stickers, they become very reflective and immediately mark the motorcycle’s position.

Night Riding

The most common use of reflective motorcycle stickers is for night riding when it becomes even more challenging to see the bike and rider. Since much motorcycle gear and equipment is black, this adds an extra level of limited visibility at night. 

By putting reflective stickers on the helmet, other drivers will clearly see the motorcycle rider at night, even on the darkest roads. 


The reflective stickers aren’t only for night riding. Even during the day, the weather can suddenly change. Even in the middle of the day, visibility can be difficult due to rain or snow. 

Since many reflective stickers are weather-resistant, they still show off a bright glow when headlights shine on them - even in the middle of a rain or snowstorm.

How to Choose a Reflective Motorcycle Helmet Sticker

You may already have plenty of other stickers on your motorcycle helmet, reflecting your personality and interests. However, choosing the best reflective sticker is about so much more than taste.  


Even though aesthetics aren’t the most critical factor for reflective strips, you can choose which style you want. Some more basic designs are just simple rectangles that you can place around your helmet. These are usually not visible during the day. 

If you want something that looks attractive both in daylight and at nighttime, try some fun designs like flags, lips, or eyes that can combine safety and style. However, these often come in smaller packages, and you may not be able to place them all around your helmet. 

Whether you want a discrete or bold reflective sticker, there are plenty of style designs available. 


The color of the sticker goes hand in hand with the style. If you want something that blends in with your helmet during the day, black strips are a fantastic option. They only become bright when a light shines on them and “disappear” during the day. 

Similarly, if you want a reflective sticker that adds to your helmet’s overall style, consider one that has a touch of silver or white. 


Each reflective sticker is a different size. Several brands sell rectangular strips that you can put around your helmet, while some other styles take a larger space on the side. 

Consider how much of your helmet you would like to cover in reflective stickers and look for an accommodating product. 


Your helmet gets the brunt of weather changes. From harsh UV rays to pelting rain, you need reflective stickers that last for years in any weather. 

Some options last for a couple of years, while others can work for up to eight years. Make sure to check the warranty and material for long-lasting options. 

Review of the Best Motorcycle Helmet Reflective Stickers

Don’t just pick any old reflective sticker to put on your helmet! Make sure you choose the best reflective motorcycle helmet stickers available to keep you safe on the road

We’ve already done the hard work of searching for the best products, which you can find below. Now it’s up to you to choose which one you like the most.

Best Overall:
VFLUO Black Standard

VFLUO - Kit 4 Retro Reflective Stripes Stickers for Motorcycle Helmet - Retro Reflective Stickers Technology 3M - High Visibility - Discreet and Design - Maximum Grip



  • Possible issue with adhesion
  • May not work on other motorcycle parts

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the recent buyers were ecstatic with their purchase. They raved about the bright reflective quality, easy installation, and sleek black color. 

A few disgruntled customers complained about the adhesive properties, especially when they applied them to their motorcycle. 

However, most people were definitely pleased with the purchase.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The VFLUO reflective stickers are our number one choice because of the impressive 3M technology. While other reflective materials cause the light to bounce off it in the opposite direction, the 3M technology sends the light back to its source.

When a car’s lights shine on the strips, they send a powerful brightness right back to the source, ensuring the driver can see the reflection and the motorcycle. 

Another great feature is the dark color of the strips. The intense black color blends perfectly with any helmet of the same color, almost to the point of invisibility during the day. 

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a sleek reflective strip that doesn’t out, try the VFLUO stickers. Don’t let the dark black color fool you, and they produce an incredible reflection.

B REFLECTIVE Retro Reflective Stickers

B REFLECTIVE - 2 x Kit of 10 Retro Reflective Stickers for Motorcycle, Helmets, Bike, Scooters, Stroller, Buggy. - Universal Adhesive - 3M™ Technology - High Visibility - Discreet - Design - Grip


  • Strong adhesive
  • Tested for efficiency
  • Comes with two packs of 10 stickers
  • Black design blends in during the day
  • Suitable for many products from motorcycle helmets to scooters


  • Small, thin strips
  • May not provide an extremely bright reflection

What Recent Buyers Report

While some people were not happy with the stickers’ small size, most buyers were incredibly pleased with the adhesion and reflectivity. 

A common sentiment was that the stickers were not as bright as other options. However, most agreed that they did the job well. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Besides the vast number of stickers you get in just one package, we love the thin, rectangular shape that fits just about anywhere. 

The manufacturers ensure multiple rounds of testing to ensure a superior quality sticker that you can use on virtually anything, from your motorcycle helmet to your child’s stroller.

Bottom Line

These stickers are a great option if you want black adhesive strips that blend in with your helmet. You can also use the extra stickers on your motorcycle, bike, or any other object you use at night.

Best for the Money:
Jay Graphics American Flag Stickers

Pair - REFLECTIVE Stealthy American Flag Hard Hat Stickers | Black Ops Decals | Tactical Gear Survival Labels | USA Flags Toolbox Helmet Patriotic Old Glory


  • Patriotic flag style
  • Extremely low price
  • High level of stickiness
  • Two stickers in each package
  • Resistant to chemicals and rain


  • Small size
  • May take a while to arrive

What Recent Buyers Report

For people looking for a small reflective sticker representing their patriotic side, this was a great product. However, many others were taken aback by the small size.

Measuring one inch by two inches, they fit on the side of the helmet. However, some buyers thought that they would be larger and more reflective. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love the idea of being able to stay safe while at the same time showing some American pride. This set of two stickers works well for the sides of your motorcycle helmet. 

While they may not be as powerful as some other options, they provide enough reflectivity to get you noticed while driving at night. 

An added plus is the incredibly strong material of the stickers. The combination of the strong adhesive and the chemical and water-resistant material makes for a durable reflective sticker. 

Bottom Line

These flag stickers are a great safety addition if you are looking for something small yet stylish. For just a few dollars, you can add these patriotic stickers to your helmet and be confident people will see you while riding in the dark. 

4. Everything Graphix Evil Eyes Decal

Everything Graphix Evil Eyes No Fear Motorcycle Biker Helmet Reflective Decal Sticker M2 5 1/2' X 1 1/2' (Reflective White)


  • Lasts 5 to 7 years
  • White vinyl material
  • 1,000 feet of visibility
  • Fun “evil eyes” design
  • For curved and flat surfaces


  • Shipping may take a few weeks
  • Only for one area of the helmet

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers raved about the high reflectivity and easy application process. They loved the cool look these stickers gave their helmets while also keeping them safe. 

The only major complaint was that several people had to wait a couple of weeks for their product. Other than that, people were delighted with their purchase.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Not all reflective motorcycle helmet stickers need to blend in or be patriotic! This set of “evil eyes” stickers is a fun, playful addition to your helmet. 

You can place these anywhere on your helmet, thanks to the flexible vinyl material that works on flat and curved surfaces. This white material is also reflective at distances of over 1,000 feet. 

Another great feature is the manufacturers promise that these stickers will last between five and seven years.

Bottom Line

If you want to stay safe while having a bit of fun, these stickers are a great option. While they are only for one area of your helmet, they provide excellent durability and brightness.

5. Classic Biker Gear American Flag Decal

Ghosted Subdued American Flag car Decal, Silver with ghosted Black Print, 1.8' X 3', Pair, Hard Hat, Lunch Box, Vinyl Decal car Sticker


  • Reflective vinyl material
  • Never retreat flag layout
  • Two flags in each package
  • White and black American flag design
  • Resistant to fading with UV protective ink


  • Might not be very sticky
  • Not for extremely curved parts of the helmet

What Recent Buyers Report

People were delighted with quality customer service, reflectivity, and extreme durability. However, as the manufacturer explains in the product description, these stickers are not for the helmet’s front or back. 

Customers who bought the stickers for those extremely curved areas were not pleased with the results.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Our favorite part of these reflective motorcycle stickers is the durable material. These have a lasting design with fade-resistant properties. 

With the extra lamination layer and UV protective ink, you can enjoy the silver and black stickers for a long time. Despite long hours under the sun or rain, the stickers will last and retain their reflective properties.

Measuring 1.8 inches by three inches, the stickers are also a decent size to create a powerful reflection. The package comes with two stickers, one for each side of your helmet, so you have reflective stickers on both sides.

Bottom Line

Even though they might not stick well on the front and back of your helmet, these American flag reflective stickers work well on the sides. Show your patriotism while staying safe on the road with this product. 

Reflective Stickers vs LED Lights for Motorcycle Helmets - Comparison Overview

Both LED lights and reflective stickers serve the same purpose: making you and your bike easier to see in low-light settings. 

While reflective stickers only react when light shines on them, LED additions are always active. The continual brightness ensures that no matter where you are on the road, people can see you. 

There are several different styles of LED lights. Some run along the sides of your helmet, while others are only for the back. They may take up slightly more room than reflective stickers, but the constant brightness can improve your safety. 

One of the main downsides of LED lights is the price. While you can get plenty of stickers for under $20, LED lights can cost more than $50 or $60. 

If you don’t want something that is continuously bright, the reflective strips are a much better and cheaper option. Plus, many blend in more with your helmet style while LED lights are an attention grabber. 

Everything Graphix Evil Eyes Decal (Source)

When deciding between the stickers and lights, choose the one that provides the best aesthetic and most safety for you. 

How to Apply Reflective Motorcycle Stickers

You can apply the stickers very easily by peeling off the backing and placing them evenly on the freshly cleaned and dried helmet. Some stickers include instructions stating that you need to leave them in the sun before application, so make sure to read the directions for each product.

The more important question is where you should put the stickers. Since they are not easy to remove, make sure you know where you want to place them before removing the backing.

Where to Apply Reflective Motorcycle Stickers

Ideally, you want to place one reflective sticker on each of the the front, back, and sides. This placement ensures that other drivers can see you whether you are behind, in front, or beside them. 

Nevertheless, some stickers do not work on the extreme curves of the helmet’s front and back. Many riders only place the stickers on the sides, while others just put one on the back. 

Consider what conditions you will be driving in, and make sure to apply the stickers where needed.

How to Remove Reflective Motorcycle Stickers from Helmet

The reflective stickers’ materials are long-lasting, so don’t try to remove them unless absolutely necessary.

If they have spent many years on your helmet, you can try to lift a corner with the edge of a credit card and then pull them off the helmet. For stronger stickers, you can try using a hairdryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive before pulling off the sticker. 


Reflective motorcycle helmet stickers are a great safety addition to your gear, and they come at an incredibly low price. Before you pick which sticker you would like, make sure that it is durable, effective, and fits your helmet’s overall style. 

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the perfect sticker for you from the list above. 

People Also Ask

Before you buy anything to put on your helmet - that could last for years - make sure you find the answers to any potential questions or concerns. Below are some of the most common questions we have received about reflective motorcycle helmet stickers.

Do I Need Reflective Stickers on My Helmet to Ride in France?

Yes, you need reflective stickers on your helmet if you are in France. The legislation states that each helmet needs retro-reflective stickers on the front, back, and two sides.

While there is some debate about whether this rule applies to foreigners, it is best to equip your helmet with the appropriate stickers to avoid any possible fines.

Can You Take the DOT Sticker off a Helmet?

DOT stickers are a stamp of safety approval from the Department of Transportation. Since they are not the most attractive helmet decoration, many riders take them off of their helmet. 

Before you do so, check if there is a sticker or label on the inside of your helmet. If you ever get stopped by a police officer, they may ask to see the Department of Transportation’s approval for your helmet. Without a sticker - either on the inside or outside - you may receive a fine. 

Do Stickers Weaken Helmets?

Stickers can potentially weaken a helmet if the adhesive is not compatible with the helmet material. 

Each adhesive has a type of solvent that can have adverse effects on the helmet, such as cracking the plastic or weakening it. You will probably not be able to see such damage since it is below the sticker. 

To avoid any possible damage, make sure any sticker you buy is compatible with your helmet material. 

Are Reflective Stickers Required on Motorcycle Helmets?

In the United States, the laws regarding reflective motorcycle helmet stickers depend on the state. While some states require reflectorized helmets, others do not. 

You can check your state’s requirements with this helpful resource.

How Long Do Reflective Stickers Last on Motorcycle Helmets?

The durability of reflective stickers depends entirely on the material and adhesive. Many high-quality motorcycle stickers are so strong that you cannot take them off without damaging the helmet. These particular stickers can last anywhere from five to eight years. 

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