Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: January 17, 2022

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You can’t tag a price on your head, right? But some of us do because we do not know what the best options for head safety are!

The head is where the brain is embedded, making it a vital body part that deserves the maximum protection you can offer. As a motorcycle enthusiast, you’re conscious of the fact that a well-designed helmet will keep your head safe by up to 69% when a crash occurs. 

Carbon fiber helmets are among the most common and trusted helmet types when it comes to head safety. The material is rigid and extremely lightweight making it very safe and comfortable on your head.

Read on to find out what sets carbon fiber helmets apart from the competition.

Comparison of the Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets

  • Cheek pads have emergency quick-release
  • Chin curtain and breath deflector included
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty for peace of mind
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  • Removable cheek pads and fire retardant padding
  • Flame-resistant, anti-scratch shield has tear off post
  • SNELL SA2015 approved and certified for safety
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  • Best for the Money
  • CoolMax lining keeps you comfortable and cool
  • Pivot system lets you stop the shield at all angles
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  • Best Carbon Fiber Racing Helmet
  • Sun glasses and eye glasses can be worn due to EPS shape
  • Cheek pads have emergency quick-release
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  • Best Carbon Fiber Half Helmet and Best Carbon Fiber Beanie Helmet
  • DOT safety standards are met for peace of mind
  • Adjustable chin strap for customized fit
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  • Best Carbon Fiber Dirt Bike Helmet
  • 19 intake ports, 5 exhaust vents for good airflow
  • Removable waterproof and anti-bacterial liner
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  • Best Low Profile Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet
  • 5 shell and liner sizes promise a low profile look
  • DOT, ECE approved for safety features
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How to Choose a Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet industry is diverse, with immeasurable options making it challenging to find the right fit. However, the problem is half-solved once you know what to look out for in a good helmet.

Below are top factors to keep in mind when shopping for a carbon fiber helmet.


When you think of a helmet as a bike rider, safety is the first thing that strikes your mind. Of course, the basis of putting on a helmet is to protect your head in case of a crash. To figure out a helmet that'll keep your head safe, you may look at the material used on the fabric.

A suitable material should be impact-resistant and durable.


Not all helmets that claim their manufacture from carbon fiber construction are genuine. Some of them feature carbon fiber colors or are created from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).

Amateurs may confuse these materials; it's crucial to know how to differentiate fake carbon fiber from a genuine one.

Size and Fit

A helmet that is too big or tight on your head will not offer you complete intended protection, irrespective of the construction material. The ideal size should fit you well without leaving any gaps.

Take advantage of the shell size and head measurement charts provided by most manufacturers today. That way, you'll be sure your helmet won't come off easily in case of a wreck.


A helmet with good ventilation adds comfort and convenience to your riding experience. Half-face or open-face helmets will give a lot of fresh air, although they have their limitations regarding their levels of protection.

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Depending on your preference and how often you sweat, a good helmet should have proper air vents to keep your head cool in any climate. Most full-face helmet manufacturers are today paying attention to helmet ventilation systems.

Consider a helmet with more ports if you sweat a lot. Most suitable helmets should have inlet vents around the chin guard and exhaust of the hot air at the rear. But, since riders are different, their air vents may be located anywhere on the helmet shell. 


A comfortable ride is free from distractions such as a heavy helmet on your head. Such helmets will cause you both neck and back pain, especially if you ride for long hours.

Fortunately, materials such as carbon fiber are the lightest and will feel comfortable on your head without causing much fatigue. However, you need to pay attention to some added features, such as communication systems, which might add some weight to the helmet.

Check on the helmet's specifications to confirm if the indicated weight will feel comfortable on your head or not.

Review of the Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets

You now know the top features that make a good motorcycle helmet. This section reviews some of the best carbon fiber motorcycle helmets you can choose from depending on your unique requirements.

Best Overall:
Scorpion EXO-ST1400


  • Both DOT and ECE certified for safety when riding
  • Generous 5-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects
  • Features advanced ventilation system for added comfort
  • Aerodynamic chassis enhances comfort by reducing friction
  • Comfortable and functional sunburn visor to prevent eye burn due to sunlight


  • Substandard vents limit the helmet’s air circulation


Brand: Scorpion

Helmet Type: Full-face

Weight: 3.34 pounds

Safety Rating: DOT/ECE Approved


Scorpion EXO-ST1400 is a high-end carbon fiber helmet from Scorpion that will withstand some of the most intense energy impacts.

A resin-infused TCT-U 3K is used in manufacturing these tough carbon fiber helmet shells.

Apart from the included air intake and exhaust vents, the helmet has an advanced ventilation system to offer you a comfortable ride. The helmet also features sculpted removable 3D cheek pads that you can release immediately when an emergency occurs.

You can easily install communication systems such as Bluetooth, thanks to the included speaker pockets.

The helmet has removable and anti-bacterial inner linings, which you can also wash. Scorpion EXO-ST1400 is both DOT and ECE approved, so you can trust the safety levels it'll offer you.

The helmet also comes with a solid 5-year warranty cover.

Bottom Line

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 has three shell sizes, which makes it fit precisely. An advanced communication system suitable for group riding is another cool feature of this helmet.

The helmet has an anti-fog and sunburn visor that keeps your face and eyes safe from external objects.

More features include removable and washable interior linings, resin-infused shells, composite weaves that make the material very robust and lightweight.

Conquer Snell SA2015


  • Fire retardant helmet interior
  • Includes several airflow vents for added comfort
  • Extremely lightweight suitable for long-distance riding
  • SNELL SA2015 qualifies it suitable for high-speed riding
  • Aerodynamic, stable design for better interaction with air when in motion


  • Can be noisy


Brand: Conquer 

Helmet Type: Full-Face

Weight: 1 pound

Safety Rating: SNELL Certified 


SNELL SA2015 approved helmets are the ideal choice for racing riders. Lightweight at a paltry one pound makes this carbon fiber helmet comfortable on the head.

It features a stable aerodynamic design, 3mm anti-scratch shell, and fire-resistant shield. The helmet also has an advanced ventilation system to keep your head cool on hot days.

SNELL SA2015 is available in up to three different sizes, so you don't need to worry about missing out on your fit.

The helmet features a comfortable padded interior which is also anti-microbial and fully removable, and washable.

Bottom Line

Snell SA2015 certification makes SNELL SA2015 stand out as the ideal helmet for high-speed riders.

With a rugged and lightweight carbon fiber composite build and padded interior, the helmet is very light and will withstand very intense external impacts.

Also included is a flame-resistant shell and comes in three different sizes.

Best for the Money:
Simpson M30 Bandit


  • DOT-approved 
  • Available in a variety of shell sizes
  • Very light hence feel comfortable on the head
  • Free-spot pivot holds the shield in any preferred angle
  • Comes with several air vents around the chin region for improved airflow 


  • Includes just one set of cheek pads


Brand: Simpson 

Helmet Type: Full-Face

Weight: 3 pounds

Safety Rating: DOT 


Simpson M30 Bandit features CoolMax lining that keeps you cool and comfortable. The helmet is lightweight at just three pounds, which will not put a strain on your neck and head during long rides.

Free pivots will hold the face shield at any angle, which also offers room for goggles if you find the in-built shied uncomfortably.

The helmet is available in two sizes to choose from and is also DOT-approved.

Simpson M30 Bandit is a favorite helmet for most motorsport enthusiasts and has maintained its design since the 1970s while improving its design and safety standards.

Bottom Line 

Simpson M30 Bandit offers up-to-date safety standards but still keeps its iconic old design. The helmet is available in two sizes and is DOT approved.

It is lightweight at just three pounds and includes good ventilation systems for comfort when climates are hot.

Free pivots hold the face shield in any position you find comfortable and very easy to adjust.

Best Carbon Fiber Racing Helmet:


  • Includes a chin curtain and breath guard
  • One-hand operation in-built flip-down visor sun visor
  • In-built communication speaker pockets for easy installation of audio
  • Features odor-free and anti-bacterial inner fabric that keeps the head cool
  • Advanced ventilation systems controlled by one button at the chin interior


  • Can make you feel isolated due to the full-face design


Brand: HJC 

Helmet Type: Full-Face 

Weight: 3 pounds 

Safety Rating: DOT rating


HJC RPHA 11 Pro features both clear and tinted shields. The inserted anti-fog lens and its dual shield protection are ideal for high-speed racing. Quick-release cheek pads are for a quick response when an emergency occurs.

HJC RPHA 11 Pro carbon fiber helmet has a chin curtain for enhanced safety and features a breath guard for added comfort. Its advanced ventilation system has up to six stages of adjustable variables.

The helmet has wide eye ports for improved peripheral vision and a 2D face shield with up to 95% protection against UV light.

Also included is an in-built easy operation flip-down sun visor to protect your eyes from sun and windburn. The helmet has an automatic open/close locking system and features communication speaker pockets for easy audio installation.

Bottom Line

HJC RPHA 11 Pro combines most features that would appeal to any rider concerned about security, comfort, and style. These attributes include:

  • In-built communication speaker pockets

  • One hand flip-down sun visor

  • Anti-fog lens, dark smoke, and clear shield suitable for any time of the day riding

  • Comfortable lightweight at just three pounds

  • Removable cheek and crown pads

  • High UV protection capability

  • Dual shield lock suited for high-speed racing

  • DOT approved hence safe for riding

Best Carbon Fiber Half Helmet and Best Carbon Fiber Beanie Helmet:
Daytona Skull Cap

Daytona Helmets Half Skull Cap Motorcycle Helmet – DOT Approved [Carbon Fiber] [2XS]


  • Fits many different head sizes
  • Guaranteed 90-day money back
  • Adjustable straps keep it snag on the head
  • DOT approved for safety during a ride or in case of accidents
  • Strong scratch-resistant construction material that doesn't fade even in long hours of sun exposure


  • Unattractive and may come off during high-speed riding


Brand: Daytona 

Helmet Type: Half-helmet 

Weight: 2 pounds 

Safety Rating: DOT Certified


Daytona Skull Cap is very flexible in terms of size. The helmet has easy-to-adjust straps and is constructed from chip-resistant carbon fiber material.

Safety and reliability are guaranteed, thanks to the DOT standards approval.

The helmet is available in various sizes, from 3XS to 4XL, which gives it an edge over the competition as the most versatile in size availability. The 90-day guarantee also makes you feel safe with Daytona Skull Cap.

The helmet is ideal for hot climate riding; however, it leaves you exposed to external detritus such as bugs, stones, and excessive windburn, which may be risky and uncomfortable.

The biggest downside to this carbon fiber helmet is its unattractive look and fall-off tendencies when cruising at high speeds despite the adjustable straps. It also offers very little head protection since it only covers half of your size.

Bottom Line

Daytona Skull Cap is one of the low-profile helmets available on the market with DOT certification.

At two pounds, the helmet is very light and will not cause a strain on your neck or head when riding for long distances.

The helmet is designed with riders of all head sizes in mind, with available sizes from 3XS to 4XL.

Daytona Skull Cap also offers adequate fresh airflow to your head, although you're exposed to head and chin injuries in case of a wreck.

Best Carbon Fiber Dirt Bike Helmet:
Alpinestars Supertech M10


  • Includes two peaks, regular and super high versions
  • Multiple density interior liners for enhanced comfort
  • Features removable hydrophobic and anti-bacterial interior liner
  • 3D contoured cheek pads are removable via the emergency release system
  • Advanced ventilation system with up to 19 air inlets and five exhaust ports


  • May make it difficult to hear important siren and horn warnings when a communication system malfunctions due to full-face design


Brand: Alpinestar 

Helmet Type: Full-Face 

Weight: 3 pounds

Safety Rating: DOT and ECE approved


Alpinestars wraps up most qualities that make an ideal helmet. These include its extremely durable build for added protection, plus the advanced ventilation system with up to 19 air inlets and five hot air outlets.

The helmet is available in four different shells and comes with removable and washable cheek pads.

The soft EPP foam plus the side shell shape protect the collarbone if a wreck occurs. The helmet also includes a multiple-density interior liner.

Also included for enhanced comfort are 3D contoured foam cheek pads with an emergency release system.        

Bottom Line

Alpinestars stands out as one of the most comfortable carbon fiber helmets. A whopping 19 fresh air inlets and fiver outlets are proof of that.

Additionally, the helmet features 3D contoured cheek pads, which are both removable and washable.

Best Low Profile Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet:
Bell Custom 500


  • Available in various sizes
  • Vintage look attributed to old-school racing
  • Guaranteed safety with both DOT and ECE approval
  • Anti-bacterial removal interior leather for improved hygiene
  • Durable helmet with dense EPS inner lining for enhanced protection


  • Some users report rattling visor
  • Highly-priced compared to other carbon fiber helmets with an equal safety rating


Brand: Bell 

Helmet Type: Full-Face 

Weight: 2.8 pounds 

Safety Rating: Both DOT and ECE Certified


Bell Custom 500 comes from Bell company, which is one of the trusted American-based helmet manufacturers.

The vintage look draws much attention to the Bell 500 carbon fiber helmet. The helmet also features a removable and anti-bacterial interior, making it quite hygienic.

Both DOT and ECE approval assure quality and reliability if you use Bell Custom 500 helmets.  

However, it is essential to note that Bell Custom 500 carbon fiber helmets come at slightly below average sizes. When placing an order,  go for a little larger size if your head size is average. For instance, if you measure 60cm, consider an XL instead of an LG.

Bottom Line

Bell Custom 500 features a rigid 3k carbon shell construction making it super durable. The helmet also comes with a multi-density EPS and custom suede inner liner. It has five integrated snap patterns suitable for aftermarket visors and shields.

Also included are:

  • A goggle strap designed from quality leather
  • D-ring leather pull
  • Padded chin strap that provides for a D-ring closure                                                                                                           

Additionally, the helmet is both DOT and ECE approved and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Best Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet:
AGV Sportmodular


  • Includes Pinlock insert lens
  • Pressure-free inner liner for added comfort
  • Durable 100% carbon fiber shell construction
  • Easy replacement of the quick-face release shield system 
  • Tinted internal sun shield for optimum protection from sunlight


  • May cause a lonely and isolated feeling due to its closed-out design


Brand: AGV 

Helmet Type: Full-Face 

Weight: 3.2 pounds 

Safety Rating: DOT and ECE approved


AGV Sportmodular requires no tools in replacing the face shield. Thanks to its quick-release system. The helmet has a metal chin guard and 100% carbon shell, which makes it highly durable.

The Shell shape is significant in minimizing impact-energy risks directed to the collar area in case of a crash. The helmet is available in up to three different shells. It features a hygienically removable wind protector and nose guard.

Neckroll fabric is water-resistant; hence prevents the interior liners from soaking on rainy days.

Bottom Line

AGV Sportmodular is eyeglass friendly, features a visor lock system that minimizes accidental opening risks.

The helmet has a light smoke internal sun shield and is both DOT and ECE approved.

Manufactured from 100% carbon fiber makes it highly durable and reliable for safety. Also included are removable cheek pads and an integrated anti-scratch interior removable sun shield.

What is Carbon Fiber? How are Carbon Fiber Helmets Made?

Carbon fiber is a fiber thread between two and ten micrometers in diameter and is mainly made of carbon atoms.

Carbon fibers are very stiff, have high resistance to chemicals, offer high tensile strength, reduce thermal expansion, have high hot climate tolerance, and have a low weight/strength ratio.

Carbon fiber helmets are made by weaving a carbon thread into a substance. Doing this offers the material more strength. It is then put in a binder as a thermoplastic resin, which adds further three-dimensional strength.

The more layers used, the more enhanced the strength levels.

Types of Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets

Carbon fiber helmets come in various designs suited to individual requirements.

Here are the different types of these helmets you're going to encounter in your pursuit of an ideal Carbon fiber helmet.

Full-face Helmet

A full-face helmet covers the entire head for maximum protection in case of a crash. Both the face and chin enjoy complete safety.

The helmet also protects you from sunburn, noise, windburn, and other forms of detritus.

Riders concerned about their privacy while on the road, Full-face helmets will offer you the needed anonymity.

A full-face helmet with a clear visor will not require you to use goggles to protect your eyes.

These helmets can be stifling; therefore, they include moisture-wicking interior linings, which you can remove.

Long trips can be tiring for any rider; modern-day full-face helmets are designed with advanced ventilation systems to offer the needed comfort.

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Open-face Helmet

Also referred to as ¾ helmets, open-face helmets do not cover the whole face, making them less safe than full-face helmets. However, they offer adequate ventilation to your head when riding in hot climates.

Open-face helmets also offer you an expansive vision and less restriction on hearing. You don't need to worry about missing out on vital road signs and warnings, including horns and sirens.

These helmets are also more comfortable on the head due to their light nature compared to full-face helmets.


Half-helmets have a wider part of your head and face exposed than open-face helmets. They offer more airflow but are less safe than both full-face and open face-helmets. You risk breaking your chin with this type of helmet when a wreck occurs.

Although some brands come with in-built visors to protect your eyes, most half-helmets will require you to use goggles or sunglasses.

When opting for this type of helmet, make sure it's DOT-approved since most helmets in this category lack safety standard approval.

Modular Helmet

The modular helmet, also referred to as a flip-up helmet, borrows its design from both full-face and open-face helmets. They include visors for protecting both your face and eyes. You can always flip up the visor.

Some high-end models come with a double visor for added protection against UV light. The additional hinge weight makes these helmets a little heavier than the full-face helmets.

Top Brands in the Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet Space

There are so many players in the helmet manufacturing industry. However, some of these companies are more famous for their quality and user-friendly products than the others.

Below is a review of some top brands that manufacture quality carbon fiber helmets.


AGV has been producing quality helmets since 1947. Founded by Gino Amisano, the company boasts some of the best full-face fiberglass helmets, among other types of helmets.

Other options from the AGV lineup also include helmets crafted from SSL carbon and Kevlar.  Helmets made from these materials are favorites due to their unmatched strength and durability.

Dainese AGV AX9 Carbon Full-Face is one of the favorite helmets from AGV.

AGV Sportmodular


Founded in the 1950s by Roy Ritcher, Bell is a US-based company that produces some high-end carbon fiber helmets trusted by many riders. The company is based in California and serves the global market with its high-value motorcycle accessories.

One of the best carbon fiber helmets from Bell company is Bullitt Carbon Full-face Helmet.

Daytona Helmets

Daytona Helmets has made a name for itself in a relatively short time as one of the lead manufactures of Carbon fiber helmets. Founded in 1992, Daytona Helmets is located in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The company produces quality headgears and Carbon fiber helmets of varied sizes suitable for specific situations and needs.

Price Points of Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets

Carbon fiber helmets fall into different categories, including helmet type, construction design, and other additional features such as communication systems.

While the price of a helmet might not define its performance level, some of the best helmets are a little costly and with advanced protection features. Below are two price ranges that carbon fiber helmets fall.

Below $100

Genuine carbon fiber material is a little more expensive than other materials used in creating helmets. Pay close attention to determine the authenticity of racing helmets that fall within this price range.

In most cases, such helmets only use carbon fiber colors but are not genuine. More often, these helmets are made from fiberglass, ABS, and EPS linings. Here you find helmets such as Hot Rides Classic Chopper Biker ATV Scooter Skull Cap Helmet.

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$100 - $1,700

Genuine Carbon helmets are some of the most expensive yet effective brain covers.

They are very light yet so robust. So, if you're looking for a quality carbon helmet, be ready to spend any amount within this price range. However, you'll certainly not regret the investment.

Such carbon fiber helmets within this price range include Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex Syndrome Helmet and Alpinestars Supertech M10 Carbon Helmet.

Pros and Cons of a Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet 

Carbon fiber is one of the superior materials used in helmet construction. It comes with both its' strengths and limitations that will make you decide to go for it or consider other options.

Below we discuss the make it or break it features of carbon fiber when used on a helmet.


Here are some pros:


Carbon is not a material that will break easily even on intense impact. This material diverts more force into the helmets' inner soft lining, significantly reducing chances of breakage.


Carbon fiber helmets are some of the lightest and most comfortable helmets suited for any riding. Lightweight is a prominent factor that sets it apart from the competition.


Carbon fiber can resist scratches and cracks better than other materials such as fiberglass. The UK Helmet Safety Program reports that carbon fiber helmets are safer than fiberglass by about eight percent.

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Keep these cons in mind as well;


The safety and comfort you enjoy on carbon fiber helmets come at a cost. Carbon helmets are among the most expensive compared to other options such as fiberglass and polycarbonate.


Carbon shells are thinner, making them attract and transmit a lot of noise. However, high-end models are designed with noise-reducing features to make them comfortable.

Feel Cheap

A lighter helmet on the head creates an impression that it may not live up to its' purpose in case of a wreck.  You may have the same feeling with a carbon fiber helmet before you adjust.

How Does Carbon Fiber Compare For Helmets?

Below we review how carbon fiber helmets compare with materials also used in helmets.

Carbon Fiber vs Polycarbonate Motorcycle Helmets

Let's find out how they differ.


  • Both materials enjoy an excellent safety rating from SHARP ( four stars and above)


  • Polycarbonate helmets are a little heavier than carbon fiber helmets

  • Polycarbonate helmets have thicker shells, which makes them less noisy than carbon fiber helmets

  • Polycarbonate helmets are cheaper than carbon fiber helmets 

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Carbon Fiber Helmet vs Fiberglass

Let's read on to find out the similarities and differences:


  • Both have a higher safety rating of 4-5 from SHARP


  • Carbon is lighter than fiberglass. For this reason, sports cars, aircraft, and military equipment use it more.

  • Production of carbon fiber helmets is costly, making them more expensive than fiberglass helmets.

  • Carbon fiber is more resilient to external impacts than fiberglass. 

Who Should Not Buy a Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet?

As much as carbon fiber helmets carry the day in terms of performance more than other materials, they might not be the appropriate choice for all riders.

For riders that don't use motorcycles daily as their primary means of transport, you may not need a carbon fiber helmet. Other slightly cheaper options but still effective performance-wise, such as fiberglass, will serve you just right.

Additionally, if you don't ride long distances, a carbon fiber helmet may not be necessary. Although not as light as carbon fiber, other options may just be as comfortable when used over short-distance riding.

Also, if you intend to ride in a group where you'll need to communicate with other riders more often, carbon fiber helmets may not be the best for you due to their noisy nature. 

Although there are carbon fiber helmet options with noise-dampening features, they tend to be more expensive.

Carbon fiber helmets are some of the most expensive helmets on the market today. If you're working with a strict budget, these helmets may not be the ones for you. There are better options that will offer the same excellent protection at a slightly lower price.


You now understand why carbon fiber helmets are the most preferred by professional riders and other motorcycle enthusiasts. These helmets can guarantee you more safety on the road than any other available option.

One important note to take home is authenticity. Some manufacturers reportedly use carbon fiber colors to confuse unsuspecting buyers into acquiring their low-quality helmets. Learn to differentiate a fake carbon fiber material from a genuine one.

People Also Ask

Carbon fiber helmets have become so popular, but with so many fake models also available. Below are some common questions riders are asking about carbon fiber helmets.

Are Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets Better?

The sole purpose of a good helmet is maximum protection of the head. Genuine carbon fiber helmets are among the best helmet options available on the market. You may go for their flagship models, which have more advanced features such as noise reduction mechanisms.

Why Are Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets So Expensive?

Carbon fiber is one of the most rigid materials used in making helmets. The manufacturing procedure is very intricate and time-consuming. Helmets also come in various complex shapes, which require skilled labor that can also be expensive, hence the high costs.

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How Much Lighter Are Carbon Fiber Helmets?

One of the factors why riders prefer carbon fiber helmets over other options is their light nature. Carbon fiber is on average 1.4 pounds lighter than other competing options such as polycarbonate, composite, and fiberglass.

What Type of Carbon Fiber is Used in Helmets?

If you've used carbon fiber helmets, you've probably heard terms such as 3k and 6 k carbon fibers. They are the two common types of carbon fibers used in carbon fiber helmets. 3k means 3000 filaments in the carbon fiber weave, whereas 6k is 6000 filaments in the weave.

The 3000-filament carbon fiber is lighter and more expensive than the 6000 filaments carbon fiber.

How Long Do Carbon Fiber Helmets Last?

Carbon fiber helmets are some of the most durable in the helmet industry. While factors like accidents or any impact may affect the helmet's durability, a well-maintained carbon fiber helmet will serve you for a solid five-year duration.

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