AGV Helmet Reviews – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: January 17, 2022

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There are several brands of motorcycle helmets out there, and each brand has different models to choose from.

Here, we are going to look at one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle helmets, AGV.

With many different versions to choose from, we’re going to share the top seven AGV helmets with you.

Comparison of the Best AGV Helmets

  • 4 sizes of carbon fiber shell
  • Package includes vent covers and tear-off kit
  • Cheek pads are patented and have safety release system
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  • Can easily wear eyeglasses with this helmet
  • 5 adjustable front vents and 1 large rear vent
  • 4 sizes of carbon aramid shell
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  • Best for the Money
  • 4 EPS sizes and 2 shell sizes
  • 3 forehead and 2 chin guard vents
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  • Includes removable wind protector and nose guard
  • 2 sizes of carbon fiber shell
  • Pinlock-prepared faceshield - includes pinlock insert lens
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  • 4 sizes of carbon aramid shell
  • Face shield is optical class 1 and 5mm thick
  • Adjustable central air vent offers excellent airflow
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  • Improves protection and seal against wind noise
  • Removable chin strap protector and breath deflector
  • 2 sizes of Thermoplastic Resin shell - high resistance
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  • Comes with speaker pockets
  • 3 sizes of carbon fiber shell
  • Chin vent guard can be removed without tools
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Who is AGV?

AGV is a manufacturer of motorcycle helmets founded in 1974 by Amisano Gino in Valenza, Italy. Gino took his first and last initial plus the company's location to come up with the name AGV.

AGV started out making leather seats and motorcycle saddles before switching to helmets. Today, they are one of the top manufacturers of motorcycle helmets. AGV manufactures several different helmet styles, including full-face racing, sport, touring, off-road, and more.

Over the years, AGV has had several sponsorships with racers, including many Formula One riders, and was one of the first companies to use product placement in the movies.

Where Are AGV Helmets Made?

AGV helmets are made in multiple factories around the world, but the company's design, quality control, and inspections are all based in Valenza, Italy.

Review of the Best AGV Helmets

When reviewing the AGV helmets, we looked at the pros and cons, what other owners had to say, affordability, and why each of these stood out to us.

Best Overall:
AGV Pista GP RR Soleluna


  • Superior anti-fog technology
  • Sanitized, antibacterial cheek pads
  • Total sealing between visor and shell
  • 4 shell sizes and 7 helmet sizes offer a good chance of finding a better fit
  • 5 large metal air vents in the front and 2 extractors in the rear allow for air to pass through freely


  • No pocket for speaker cutouts
  • Engineered for a drinking valve, but most don’t use

What Recent Buyers Report

Purchasers of this helmet can’t say enough good things about it. For most of them, the number one reason they purchased the helmet was the safety it provides. The aerodynamics come in at a close second. It is lightweight, looks great, and is perfect for high-speed tracks.

Why It Stands Out to Us

So much stood out to us with the AGV Pista GP RR Soleluna helmet, from the tool-free rapid release visor to the anti-fog to the airflow system, which is great for both aerodynamics and cooling, not to mention the navy and yellow sunshine design. Adding in the hydration system and the antibacterial interior are small things that are also big things that we may not think of but are thankful to have. And with safety features, such as the patented Visor Lock System, which reduces the risk of the helmet coming off in an accident, you can’t go wrong.

Bottom Line

It looks like AGV put a lot of thought into this helmet with all the added safety and comfort features for the wearer. The reviews for the helmet all point to happy customers, and we can’t blame them. The bottom line is that this is AGV’s top helmet, and it’s a job well done.



  • Designed for an eyeglasses friendly fit
  • Moisture-wicking liners to absorb sweat
  • 5 adjustable front vents, a wide rear vent
  • 4 shell sizes to optimize chances of finding a close fit
  • Aerodynamic shape reduces turbulence and works well in any riding position


  • It doesn’t do a good job reducing the noise
  • The latch is clunky and hard to release, especially with gloves

What Recent Buyers Report

The number one topic that recent buyers of this helmet talk about is how light it is, and they all seem to love that. Users are extremely happy with the helmet's comfort, though a few of them mentioned that the chin strap seems to be a little tight.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This helmet stood out to us because AGV made an intentional effort to create a single helmet for all riders. With features such as a collarbone safe profile, Ritmo and Shalimar fabric cheek pads, abrasion and water resistance neck roll for extra durability, removable breath guard, and more, the AGV K6 is great for short jaunts around town or long road trips. Another thing that stood out to us is that it is DOT and ECE approved and that so many users approve of it, too. We just aren’t sure which of the four coloring choices we’d choose.

Bottom Line

While the helmet may look basic, it is anything but. AGV built the helmet with both comfort and safety in mind, thinking of everyday riders and those who like to get down and catch some speed. They culminated all of their technology to create one helmet for all.

Best for the Money:


  • Scratch-resistant and anti-fog visor
  • Contoured to reduce collar bone injuries
  • Fully removable and washable 3D inner liner and cheek pads
  • 3 forehead vents, 2 chin vents, and 2 rear extractors built into the spoiler
  • X-tra Quick Release System for tool-free visor removal and replacement in seconds


  • No fancy features
  • Noisy at faster speeds

What Recent Buyers Report

Many people report that this helmet is great as a first AGV helmet or if you want something simple. It’s a great helmet that is comfortable and offers protection and durability that many were not expecting and found to be a nice surprise. The style of the AGV K1 is what caught the eye of a lot of the purchasers as well.

Why It Stands Out to Us

For an entry-level product, the AGV K1 still has many features that you might not expect to find on a helmet in this price range. We were impressed with the five front vents with the two rear extractors. For those who like color choices, there are three to choose from. The inner lining uses a Dry-Lex fabric that is antimicrobial and prevents odors, another great addition. You can the micro-opening visor exactly how you want it, with no worries of it falling down.

Bottom Line

The AGV K1 Is a fantastic helmet for its price, and buyers love it. It comes packed with added features that you wouldn’t expect to see in an entry-level helmet, such as the sanitized inner lining and advanced venting system.

AGV K5 Review:
AGV K5 S Hurricane 2.0


  • Visor has a micro-opening system
  • 4 sizes of shells with 4 different densities
  • Neckroll is water-resistant, preventing water from entering the helmet
  • Face shield is scratch-resistant and anti-fog polycarbonate with 100% UV protection
  • Inner linings made from Ritmo fabric, with an anti-bacterial treatment and 2Dry moisture-wicking


  • A bit of wind noise comes through at times
  • Inner visor mechanism hard to use with gloves

What Recent Buyers Report

Many purchasers of the AGV K5 S Hurricane 2.0 report that they are extremely happy with their purchase as they find the helmet light, comfortable, and stylish. One buyer reported wearing it for a 9-hour ride with no issues at all. It remained comfortable throughout.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The first thing that caught our eye is the sleek and stylish design of the AGV K5 S Hurricane 2.0. Black is the main color, but it's available with three complementary design colors, all of which look great. Another thing that caught our attention is that AGV wanted to take its existing K5 and make it better, which it succeeded in doing with this version. Using Ritmo and Shalimar fabrics, superior systems to help with comfort and safety, this updated helmet stands out to us and a lot of others as well.

Bottom Line

It’s great when a company can look at one of its products and decide to overhaul it. It’s even better when the overhaul is successful, as it was in this case. Customers are extremely happy with the protection, durability, features, comfort, and style. There’s not much more you can ask for.

AGV Corsa Review:
AGV Corsa R


  • Optical class one face shield, up to 5mm thick
  • Reversible helmet liner allows selection of a warmer or cooler side
  • Integrated Ventilation System with channels hollowed directly in the shell
  • Face shield has a swivel mechanism that provides a perfect seal with the shell
  • A dual-purpose face shield locking system reduces the risk of accidental opening


  • Visor becomes loose over time
  • Chinstrap is just a little too short

What Recent Buyers Report

Many buyers suggest the AGV Corsa R is more suited for the track than the road, but this by no means diminishes their love for the helmet. The main areas for the positive reviews were the comfort of the helmet and the range of view.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The first thing we noticed is that the AGV Corsa R uses a CAAF shell composed of carbon, aramidic, and fiberglass. This proprietary blend lessens the cost of using 100% carbon. We also like that it has four shell sizes, four EPS sizes, and multi-density EPS. 

Bottom Line

The focus of this helmet is definitely on safety and convenience for the wearer. It comes in black or matte black, so if you’re looking for a colorful helmet, this might not be the choice for you.

AGV K3 Review:


  • Removable breath deflector
  • GT4 scratch-resistant face shield with 100% protection from UV rays
  • 3 forehead vents and a chin vent in the front, with 2 extractions in the rear
  • Face shield mechanism features improved seal and protection against drafts
  • Fully removable and washable 3D inner liner and cheek pads, sanitized and made from Dry-Comfort fabrics


  • Dropdown sun visor ineffective
  • Reports of wind noise at high speeds

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers report that, while the shaded visor is ineffective, they are still extremely happy with this helmet. They find it comfortable, and the anti-fog shield works very well. Some users report wind noise when all the vents are open and riders are traveling at high speeds.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The AG K3 SV is a combination of the Corsa and the Pista GP, enhancing the features to make a superior helmet. Removable breath deflector, windproof chin strap protection, and inner liner and cheek pads make the helmet easy to adjust and clean. The oval shell shape is aerodynamic and optimized for stability, with a rear spoiler that helps reduce turbulence. This helmet is also communication ready and features speaker pocket cut outs, to make wearing Bluetooth devices more comfortable. We love both the black and matte black versions that it comes in.

Bottom Line

The AGV K3 SV may not be the favorite of the AGV helmets; however, it is preferred by many road warriors for comfort. It will be searched out by those who want a helmet with communications capability.

AGV AX-9 Review:
AGV AX9 Carbon


  • Removable breath deflector
  • Panoramic view visor that is Pinlock-ready
  • Four different adjustable peak configurations to reduce sail effect
  • Speaker pockets to allow for added comfort when using Bluetooth devices
  • 3 front vents, including adjustable chin-vent, two brow inlets, and 2 rear extractors


  • Airflow not great with all vents open
  • Does not have a tool-less visor or peak removal

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers report they appreciate the mixture of style and safety, with it being DOT and ECE rated. There is a mixture of reports about airflow, but most people agree that it is a good system, though some find different vent settings work better for them, and wind noise comes through at different higher speeds.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This 100% carbon shell has a unique look due to the peak which was designed for optimal aerodynamics. The helmet has four different configurations when it comes to the peak,  including the visor and goggles. We also were impressed with the communication pockets and the fact that the AGV AX9 Carbon is a glasses friendly design.

Bottom Line

The AGV AX9 Carbon is a great helmet choice no matter what type of rider you are. It may not have all the fancy features as the top reviewed helmets do, but it’s a comfortable helmet that looks great whether on the roads or tracks.

Types of AGV Helmets

AGV manufactures helmets for a variety of riders, including touring, sport, racing, off-road, and legends. 


AGV’s touring class helmets are their AX9 designs with sleek aerodynamic peaks. The interiors of touring helmets are comfortable, with water-resistant fabrics, and made for long-haul trips. The adjustable peak limits the sail effect while providing stability and better aerodynamics.


The K series of helmets make up the sport riding style. Currently, AGV is up to their K6 series. The sport style helmet is the best of all worlds, and it's ideal for all types of riding. It has the features of a racing helmet, yet it is still comfortable for touring.

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The Pista GP and Corsa R are AGV’s racing helmets. The racing helmets are full of top-of-the-line features that every rider will love to have.


Currently, AGV only has one off-road helmet, and that is the AX-8 EVO. The carbon, aramid, fiberglass helmet comes in three shell sizes, four EPS sizes, and five EPS densities. There are three vents in the front and two extractors in the rear.


Take a trip back to memory lane with the X3000 design series of AGV’s helmets. Many of the helmets are lined with suede and have speaker pockets and a vent.

Helmet Sizing Chart

To get the most accurate sizing for your helmet, wrap a measuring tape around your head, above your ears and eyebrows, making sure the measuring tape is snug. Use that measurement and reference the chart below.

Motorcycle Youth Helmet Sizing Chart

What Makes AGV Products Stand Out From the Competition?

AGV has stood out from the competition for years. It was the first to manufacture the shell helmet and to create the fiberglass crash helmet in 1954. It continues to go above and beyond to create the best technology for safety and convenience and added features for its customers. 

Comparison Overview of AGV Helmets

You already know that AGV is one of the best, but how does it compare to some of the other popular brands? Let’s take a look. 

AGV vs Shoei

When it comes to comparing AGV helmets vs Japanese brand Shoei, there are not many differences. The biggest difference comes down to weight, with the AGV helmet being the lightest choice. Many reviewers of the two companies could not find a clear winner when comparing the two due to the number of similarities and how each company excelled. AGV does seem to have a bit of an edge over Shoei when it comes to ventilation, and alternatively, Shoei takes that edge back when it comes to noise isolation.

AGV vs Arai

The biggest advantage AGV has over Arai is how lightweight it is. AGV and Arai have much of the same technology built into their helmets, and the biggest differences are in the designs. Arai has many more colorful design options for each of their helmets, whereas AGV helmets are usually solid colors with only a couple of options. Arai doesn’t have as many styles of helmets as AGV does, though the ones they do have cover all riders. Aria does have an open face style, which AGV does not carry anymore.


We provided you with the list of our best AGV helmets, including helmets for experienced riders, newbies, those on a budget, and weekend warriors. Whatever your level or schedule for riding, AGV continues to be one of the top manufacturers of motorcycle helmets on the market. 

People Also Ask

When people are looking for AGV helmets, they may have some other questions that might not be on the company’s website. Here are some of the most common things people wonder about when looking at these helmets. 

Do AGV Helmets Run Small?

Each helmet manufacturer has its own size measurements when it comes to helmets. So, a medium from company A might fit you perfectly, while a medium from company B might be too small. Helmets from AGV tend to fit small. It is always important to measure your head and follow the measuring guidelines.

What Does AGV Stand For?

Amisano Gino Valenza. Amisano Gino is the founder of AGV, and Valenza is where he was from and the home base for AGV. Nowadays, the headquarters for the company is in Colceresa, Veneto, Italy.

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What Kind of Warranty Does AGV Offer?

When purchasing from its website, AGV offers a one-year warranty on all items to the original buyer. If the purchaser bought something personalized or made to measure, the warranty does not apply.

How To Adjust an AGV Helmet Fit

If your AGV helmet doesn’t fit right and tightening the chin strap isn’t helping, the best thing to do would be to purchase a different shell size for your helmet. Most of AGV’s helmets allow for multiple shell sizes. If your helmet is too big, pick a larger shell so that the space inside is smaller for your head. The opposite goes if the helmet is too small for you.

Why Are AGV Helmets So Expensive?

AGV uses high-quality materials in its helmets, making their helmets lighter and, in turn, causing them to be more expensive. The quality of the fabrics that touch your head, the ventilation design, and the aerodynamics contribute to a greater feeling of comfort.

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