Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers – 2021 Complete Review

| Last Updated: October 19, 2022

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Any motorcycle owner knows what a pricey investment their bike can be.

The last thing you’d ever want after investing so much into a piece of equipment is for it to be stolen in a moment when you weren’t looking.

That’s where GPS trackers come in, and we’ve reviewed the best.

Our Top Picks for Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Versatile sim
  • Long battery
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  • Easy set up
  • Sim included
  • No contracts
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  • Best for the Money
  • Versatile tracker
  • Easy to attach
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Comparison of the Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers

  • It comes included with a worldwide coverage option
  • The sim can be used al around the world
  • Long battery life of up to 2 weeks
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  • Easy to setup and use in only a few minutes
  • You get a sim included with the device
  • No contract or activation fees needed
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  • Best for the Money
  • Can be used on land and at sea
  • Strong magnet included for easy attachment
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  • Glove-friendly touch screen for easy use
  • Dustproof and waterproof for improved durability
  • Buddy tracking for up to 20 riders
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Characteristics of Our Favorite GPS Trackers

Though a GPS tracker's price point doesn’t inherently predict its quality, there are a few key features that make the best stand out from the rest. We’ve compiled three key features to look for in a motorcycle GPS tracker, so you get the product with the best features for longtime use.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery life is a crucial marker of any electronic device. If it doesn’t last as long as you need it to, it’s as good as useless. Finding a GPS tracker with a decent battery life per charge or per battery change is essential to making sure you’re able to use your tracker for as long as you need it.

Weatherproof Design

Keeping electronic devices dry and out of liquids, especially water makes sure the device runs smoothly and without issue. Finding a GPS tracker for a motorcycle should include waterproofing and waterproofing, so you can make sure the tracker is safe despite inclement weather.

Real-Time Tracking

If something were to happen to your motorcycle, you want to be able to track it quickly and accurately. A GPS tracker with real-time tracking can ensure that you catch up with your bike sooner rather than later and even help you keep tabs on those who take your bike out without permission.

Quick Take - Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers

Hoping to cut to the chase? Below are the three best motorcycle GPS trackers:

  1. Tracki Real Time GPS Tracker
  2. Trak-4 GPS Tracker
  3. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

Review of the Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers

We’ve searched high and low to find our 4 most recommended (and 1 honorable mention) GPS trackers that any motorcycle owner would be proud to own and use. We’ve placed each tracker into a category that reflects our feelings about each product.

Tracki GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Car, Kids, Dogs, Motorcycle. 4G LTE GPS Tracking Device. Unlimited Distance US & Worldwide. Small Portable Real time Mini Magnetic. Subscription Needed


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fully customizable tracking app
  • Real-time tracking with unlimited distance worldwide
  • Rechargeable battery that can be easily replaced as well
  • Small, compact, and lightweight at 30% of the size of its competitors


  • Battery life fluctuates depending on the use of real-time tracking
  • Must pay a monthly fee to use Tracki’s service provider—you can’t use your own

What Recent Buyers Report

According to buyers, the Tracki Real-Time GPS Tracker is easy to set up and use. Plus, the longer you use the product, the more it will communicate with its satellites and give you pinpoint accuracy when it comes to tracking. It’s also incredibly durable in the hot summer months.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Most Tracki’s Real Time GPS Tracker users have had a positive experience, even though the app aspect is new. Despite its newness, the app continues to update and enhance the user experience. Plus, the device itself comes with a clip and magnet for easy attachment, while most other trackers don’t.

While most trackers store anywhere from 30 to 90 days of tracking history, Tracki’s GPS Tracker stores data for up to 5 years, which is incredibly impressive. There’s also an “SOS Panic” button in case you’re ever in any danger and need to report to authorities ASAP.

Bottom Line

This product is versatile and works well for tracking a variety of items, not just motorcycles. Despite its monthly fee and iffy battery life, Tracki’s Real-Time GPS Tracker is affordable and accurate and the perfect fit for those who want a reliable GPS tracker for their motorcycle.

Trak-4 GPS Tracker for Tracking Assets, Equipment, and Vehicles. Email & Text Alerts. Made in USA.


  • Operates on a 3G network
  • Compatible with phones, tablets, or computers
  • Weatherproof and perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • Email and text alerts when the device leaves a selected area
  • Incredible battery life that can last months on a single charge


  • Sometimes it will send alerts when the vehicle is stagnant
  • Uses cell triangulation to find a signal if the GPS can’t, draining the battery quicker

What Recent Buyers Report

Most users of the Trak-4 GPS Tracker have a positive experience with the device. The monthly subscription without a long-term commitment helps people feel secure in their investment. People also love taking advantage of setting up “geo zones” to get alerted if the device ever enters or leaves specified locations.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Trak-4 GPS Tracker stands out to us because it ticks all of our most important boxes. It’s got real-time tracking, a reliable battery life, and is 100% weatherproof. Plus, it’s easy to use either the website or app to accurately track the device, whether it’s inside or outside.

We also love that the device design is small and simple. It’s also easy to hide, which is great for hiding it on your motorbike and out of the peeping eyes of the public. The device also operates on a reliable 3G network that updates quickly and efficiently.

Bottom Line

Despite some minor setbacks like the battery draining a little quicker when a signal can’t be reached or sending some fluke alerts, the Trak-4 GPS Tracker is a great investment. It can help motorcycle owners track their bikes in real-time with incredible weatherproof technology.

Best for the Money:
LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker, - Waterproof Magnet Mount. Full Global Coverage. 4G LTE Real-Time Tracking for Vehicle, Asset, Fleet, Elderly and more. Subscription is required


  • It is 100% waterproof
  • Sends email and text alerts
  • Uses Google Maps to track and map in real-time
  • Constructed with a built-in super strength magnet
  • Users can create geofenced boundaries and receive alerts


  • Battery life is shorter than advertised—lasts days, not weeks
  • The device can freeze and force people to reset it to fix the issue

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers who have invested in this product have talked about how easy it is to sign up and manage their account, not to mention the website and app's easy-to-use interface. They also appreciate that the device itself doesn’t look like a GPS and is easy to hide.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love that the LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is compatible with all electronics, from iPhones to Androids to PCs to Macs. It makes syncing information simple and easy and tracking a breeze. Plus, it comes with a SIM card and is more portable and discrete than other trackers.

The data collected by the tracker is reliable and accurate as well, so people know that they can rely on the tracker without issue. The charger for the device is a micro-USB, so it’s nothing too complicated for people to use or even replace if necessary.

Bottom Line

The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is a brilliant investment for someone on a budget and loves easy to set up equipment with a user-friendly interface. Though its battery life is a little disappointing, it’s still a great product that gets the job done.


  • Easy to install on your motorbike
  • Glove-friendly touchscreen display
  • Supports a “Buddy Tracking” system
  • Bluetooth capabilities make programming-by-voice easy
  • Emergency beacon at the push of a button in case of an accident


  • Buddy Tracking only works with those who have the same device
  • The included bar mount can sometimes obscure gauges depending on installation

What Recent Buyers Report

Given the title of the product, it’s very similar to the previous Trail Tech device; only this one is for adventure bikes, not enduro bikes. Much like the last device, buyers are happy with Trail Tech, especially for including things like the emergency beacon.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love this product because of the standard that Trail Tech has set for itself for making high-quality GPS trackers for those with both adventure and enduro bikes. Though the Buddy Tracking system has its faults, it’s also a very useful tool to help you keep track of your buddies.

Much like the product for enduro bikes, it’s fantastic that this device has a glove-friendly screen and Bluetooth compatibility with phones and headsets. That way, if you’re driving and need to reroute, all you have to do is to speak, and the GPS can reroute without you needing to pull over.

Bottom Line

This device made our “honorable mention” because it’s a quality product, but not quite as good as the others on the list. It’s slightly more expensive, but it has incredible features and allows for easy installation on any motorcycle.


  • Information is easy to customize
  • Dustproof and waterproof design
  • Maps are available to download for free
  • The touchscreen display is glove-friendly
  • Bluetooth headset and phone connectivity enabled


  • Doesn’t offer turn-by-turn navigation like other GPSs
  • The battery can drain quickly, especially if left on overnight

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers are happy with the purchase of this product—which they should be, given its price point. More expensive does not always mean better, but buyers are thrilled with this device’s capabilities and features, like an easy-to-read screen that shows incoming messages and calls.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This GPS tracker comes equipped with an emergency beacon in case anything happens during your ride, which makes it easy for rescuers to find and help you. It’s also waterproof and dustproof, which is great for those who like to go off-roading with their motorcycle.

The Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS Kit for Enduro Bikes also comes with a plastic handlebar mounting kit to help you install the tracker with ease. Besides the glove-friendly touchscreen, the device also has buttons to help scroll through options and set up the GPS as you like.

Bottom Line

Though this product clocks in at a higher price point than others on the list, it's more than worth it if you have the extra money to invest. From its Bluetooth capabilities to easy-to-program nature, this GPS is a great fit for anyone who wants a high-end tracker for their motorcycle.

Can You Really Find a Quality GPS Tracker That’s Affordable?

There tends to be a common misconception that affordably priced items somehow work less than more expensive products. This simply isn’t true! If you can’t invest in a more expensive GPS tracker, it doesn’t mean you can’t get one at all. Truthfully, all our reviewed products work well.

All of the products on our list can offer the same peace of mind and outstanding features for motorcycle owners to utilize on their bikes. While some models are more expensive than others, it’s not to say that expensive always equals better. It’s up to you, your budget, and what you want from a motorcycle GPS tracker.

Advantages of Investing in a Quality Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Taking the time to find a high-quality product that fits your budget is hard work. However, having a quality GPS tracker for your motorcycle can help you keep track of where it is (and perhaps where it shouldn’t be) and help you get where you need to go even quicker than before.

How to Install a GPS Tracker on Your Motorcycle

We won’t go too in-depth here because we’ll be linking you to a video at the end of the article that will help you figure out how to install your new GPS tracker.

However, when it comes to Tracki devices, you should keep in mind that a blinking red light means the device is charging, while a solid red light means it’s fully charged.

To turn the device on, you need to press and hold the button in the top right corner. You’ll need to hold it until the green blinking light stops.

Also, to make things a little easier for yourself, when you set up your Tracki payment plan, you could link it to a PayPal account instead of your credit card.

For a more detailed explanation, check out this video for the installation process. 


Ultimately, you need to pick a motorcycle GPS tracker that fits what you’re looking for in a device. That being said, always remember the most important aspects of a GPS tracker are battery life, weatherproof design, and real-time tracking.

People Also Ask

Though we’ve provided a ton of information with this review, it’s natural to have a few follow-up questions. Here are the most common ones:

Are Motorbike GPS Trackers Worth it?

Yes! If you can’t store your bike inside you can get some peace of mind knowing exactly where it is thanks to having a tracker installed. It can even help you lower your insurance premiums.

How Much Does a GPS Tracker Cost?

It depends on the brand you want. Some can cost upwards of $600, while others can cost as little as $20. However, the upfront cost doesn’t factor in the payment plans that tend to occur with some GPS trackers on the market.

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