Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves – 2021 Ultimate Guide

| Last Updated: January 15, 2022

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There are definitely certain rules of the road when it comes to riding a motorcycle. Some of these standards lean more towards style, while others serve more practical purposes. 

It’s not uncommon for motorcycle riders to wear gloves. Waterproof gloves are just one of many styles, but they have some essential qualities for bikers. 

Comparison of the Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

  • Comes with carbon fiber knuckle protection
  • Fully waterproof and weatherproof with breathability
  • Comes with a 2 years warranty included
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  • Come with a d-dry membrane for better waterproof
  • A Dainese wiper wipe is attached to left thumb
  • Reflective inserts attached for improved visibility
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  • Best for the Money
  • Made from strong and durable materials
  • Come with a single motion closure system at cuff
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  • Best Waterproof Summer Motorcycle Glove
  • Kangaroo leather palm for high resistance to abrasion
  • Visor wipe on index finger included
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  • Best Waterproof Winter Motorcycle Glove
  • Gloves are made of 100 percent waterproof materials
  • Hard armor added to knuckled for improved protection
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  • Best Women's Waterproof Motorcycle Glove
  • Hard armor added to knuckled for improved protection
  • Gloves are made of 100 percent waterproof materials
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When Would I Need Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves?

It might seem obvious when you might need waterproof motorcycle gloves, but many of them are actually multipurpose and can help with a myriad of issues that a rider might face. 


Obviously, waterproof motorcycle gloves are excellent should you get caught in the middle of a rain shower during one of your rides. The waterproof material not only protects your hands from getting wet (and feeling the stinging sensation that your skin feels when you ride through rain), but it ensures your gloves don’t get ruined. 

Waterproof gloves can also keep your hands warm through colder weather, which is critical in preventing numbness. Numb hands are harder to control, thus posing a safety concern. 


Regardless of if it’s raining or not, it’s important for your safety that you maintain a good grip on your handlebars. Certain materials can prove to be counterproductive, making things more slippery. 

With waterproof gloves, you can find materials and features that help you keep a solid grip, making it easier to adjust your speed and reach for the break as needed. 

Fall Protection

Motorcycle gloves also offer protection for your hands. Other safety gear contributes to fall protection, such as your helmet, riding jackets, and riding boots. Gloves simply add to that list. Many multipurpose gloves offer extra padding and hardcovers in addition to waterproofing. 

How Do I Choose Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves?

There are many things you can keep in mind when looking for the best waterproof motorcycle gloves, but a few main ones stick out over the rest. 

Water & Weather Resistance

The most important feature we’re looking at today is water resistance, as the quality and construction of this component are what will keep your hands dry during a surprise storm. 

Our first priority is water resistance, but many waterproof gloves also implement details to prevent the impact of other weather factors.


You should look for gloves that use high-quality materials and construction. Included in the materials of your gloves is any kind of armor. The armor we’re referring to is any hard piece of the glove that covers areas like your knuckles or wrist. 

Likewise, it’s always best to wear gloves that use certified materials. These are materials that have been thoroughly tested, checked, and approved by governing bodies in the industry.


The fit and sizing on any kind of glove are going to be necessary components of choosing the best ones. It can take a careful balance of features to get the right sizing. You want your gloves to be safety-first, but you also want them to be comfortable.

Some people find things like armor to be uncomfortable, and the addition of these pieces can mitigate flexibility. However, going with zero armor or padding can impact your protection along with weatherproofing. 

Review of the Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

Without further ado, here are our six best waterproof motorcycle gloves. We have reviewed each of these selections carefully through thorough testing and research, so take a look to find your next pair of riding gloves. 

Best Overall:
Rukka Apollo Gore-Tex X-Trafit Gloves


  • Leather construction gives the gloves an appealing style
  • Left thumb includes a shield wiper for rainy or foggy days
  • Carbon fiber knuckle protection and palm slider protection
  • Gore-Tex X-Trafit Technology offers a combined waterproof membrane and top touch sensitivity
  • Construction uses three lays: inner lining, waterproof membrane, and outer shell for ultimate protection


  • Sizing tends to run small
  • Inner lining pulls out with your hand often

What Recent Buyers Report

Owners of these gloves are absolutely thrilled about their appearance. They look cool - it’s as simple as that. While the sizing could use some work - many find the gloves fit in some areas but are too tight in others - they are generally very comfortable. They’re also touted as 100% waterproof with a superb closure strap. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It’s pretty obvious to us that these gloves are more geared towards colder months. They don’t have much breathability, but that’s to be expected considering they’re comfortable, warm, and keep 100% of the water out. 

Beyond that, what stands out most to us is the high-quality construction. These gloves look awesome, and they hold up really well. They’re made to deliver top-notch protection across the palm and the knuckles - something that every rider should have. 

Bottom Line

With all of the excellent features these gloves have, many might feel like it’s worth it to toy around with the sizing a bit. After you find a pair that fits, you’re working with a solid set of gloves. Just be careful taking them off because the inner lining might come with your hand.

Dainese Tempest D-Dry

Dainese Unisex-Adult Tempest D-Dry Long GLOV (Black, XXS)


  • Includes soft insert for comfort and warmth
  • D-Dry membrane keeps you prepared for rain and dry
  • Visor wiper on the thumb lets you easily clear your visor
  • Smart Touch fingertips allow you to use your touch screen devices
  • Long design ensures wrist protection and water coverage to prevent drips


  • Reduced sensitivity due to thicker lining 
  • Sizing options are odd with only xxx-small, xx-small, medium, and xx-large

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers on a global scale agree that these riding gloves are comfortable, hold up well in the rain, and keep your hands warm during cold rides. One of the only common issues seen by buyers is that since the gloves have a generous lining, it’s a little more difficult to get a feel for your acceleration. However, a little getting used to the gloves helps significantly with that. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Dainese model comes packed with some innovative details that not all manufacturers consider. For example, this company takes into consideration that on a cold, wet day, you don't want to take your gloves off to use your phone. The Smart Touch fingertips take care of that.

The included inserts also make this glove intuitive, allowing you to add soft inserts or even reflective inserts for visibility. 

Finally, the D-Dry technology also seems to be highly effective in protecting your hands from water when you get caught in a rainstorm. 

Bottom Line

Overall, these riding gloves are waterproof and warm, making them ideal for inclement weather situations from winter months to heavy fall rainstorms. While we wouldn’t want to stick out hands in the soft lining during the summer, we would definitely keep them on hand for the colder seasons. 

Best for the Money:
REV'IT! Summit 3 H2O Gloves


  • Laminated reflection ensures safety and visibility
  • Overall appearance of the gloves is sleek and cool in black
  • Temperfoam fills out the knuckles for comfort and protection
  • Hydratex waterproof membrane keeps out light/moderate rainfall
  • The single motion closure system is easy to use and seals at the wrist


  • Does not remain waterproof through long, heavy downpours 
  • Gloves are not insulated enough to keep your hands warm in winter

What Recent Buyers Report

There seems to be a mix of opinions when it comes to recent buyers. Some suggest that the gloves perhaps are not actually waterproof, while others claim they truly are. A nice middle ground we can work with here is that the gloves are comfortable and great for warm or hot weather, and the waterproofing can handle heavy fog or light rain. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Summit 3 H2O gloves are excellent moderate temperature gloves. Without the insulation that many other waterproof gloves have, these ones don’t make your hands too hot in warmer weather. 

With Hydratex used in the waterproof membrane, you can ride through light to moderate rain while keeping your hands dry. 

We love the temperfoam that’s implemented in these gloves because it gives them a soft, comfortable feel. At the same time, the TPU hard palm slider protects your hands at any given moment. 

The tour fit features a single motion closure system, allowing riders to secure the gloves at the cuff and eliminate the possibility of water entry. Plus, the connect fingertips let you use your touch-screen phone. 

Bottom Line

We definitely recommend using these gloves in moderate situations as opposed to extreme. That goes for rain, cold, and hot weather. As long as you stay in that zone, these gloves can offer water protection, a safety boost, and comfort during your long rides. 

Best Waterproof Summer Motorcycle Glove:
Held Air N Dry Gloves


  • Velcro closure is easy and adjustable
  • Kangaroo leather looks good and resists abrasions
  • Elastic leather panels offer a comfortable and secure fit
  • Molded knuckle guards use superfabric to protect your hands during falls
  • Gore-Tex multi-chamber technology makes the gloves waterproof and breathable


  • Not enough airflow for very hot, summer riding
  • The inner Gore-Tex lining comes detached from the inside after time

What Recent Buyers Report

There seems to be a general consensus that these gloves are everybody’s new favorites. Buyers report them as being comfortable with no pinch points, durable, and great for long trips. Some owners even report falling with these gloves and receiving excellent hand protection. Plus, they look good on. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The main highlight of this product is the Gore-Tex 2-in-1 technology. It’s constructed with two separate chambers. The first one is unlined, and the perforated material allows your hands to breathe in warm weather. 

The second chamber is actually 100% waterproof, so while your hands get some breathing room, they also remain dry in the rain. 

On top of this, the kangaroo leather is coupled with extremely strong and abrasion resistant superfabric to protect the knuckles. That’s safety on another level. 

Bottom Line

Everyone loves to see a product tackle issues that a different product couldn’t handle, and that’s exactly what the Held Air N Dry gloves do. They look sleek with kangaroo leather, they let your hands breathe, and they keep water out. Their other various technologies come together to make up all the extras that make these gloves awesome. 

Best Waterproof Winter Motorcycle Glove:
Richa Arctic Winter Glove

Richa Arctic Waterproof Winter Ride Recommended Motorcycle Gloves Black L


  • Reflective panels increase visibility
  • 100% waterproof design keeps your hands dry
  • Hard knuckle armor offers excellent protection
  • Offers both men’s and women’s cuts for better fit
  • Winter design keeps your hands warm on cold days


  • Sizing can be tricky
  • Not warm enough for severe winter weather

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers conclude that these gloves are well-made, high-quality, comfortable, and warm - making them precisely what any rider needs during colder riding seasons. While the sizing takes a little figuring out, the right fit makes this the right product. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

These gloves stand out to us as a solid waterproof choice for winter months. With good lining along with hard armor knuckles, you can bet your hands will stay warm and protected on those slippery winter roads. 

Likewise, we’re big fans of the adjustable closure at the wrist, which lays close to the hand to ensure your wrist gets extra coverage. It’s easy to use, yet the simple device keeps moisture and cold winds out. 

Bottom Line

Some gloves are awesome because of all the technology and frills they come with, while others are just high-quality materials made in a smart way. These gloves are the latter. They may not have a bunch of fancy technology, but they are solid, warm, and reliable gloves - and we can certainly get on board with that. 

Best Women's Waterproof Motorcycle Glove:
Alpinestars Stella Andes Drystar Gloves


  • CE Certified CAT II Level 1
  • Black and pink design geared towards women
  • Touring style features a long cuff and a drystar membrane
  • Warm and waterproof design is excellent for cooler weather
  • Includes padded fingers, side reinforcements, and thumb and palm reinforcements for grip and protection


  • Fingers are too long for small hands
  • Not quite warm enough for freezing temperatures

What Recent Buyers Report

Given the color options with these gloves, it’s no surprise that our recent buyers are mostly women. And these women can agree that while these gloves are comfortable and nice for cooler weather, they won’t last long in freezing temperatures. They also all agree that it’s nice to have a more female-focused style.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

At first glance, these gloves stand out to us as ones that recognize women in the motorcycle community. The pink accent color really makes a statement, and we love that. 

Additionally, these gloves are super comfortable and offer excellent extra protection with padding around the fingers, sides, palms, and thumb. 

Bottom Line

Ladies, this is a solid choice for you. These Alpinestar gloves are great for fall or spring when the temperature hits some lows that call for a little more warmth. And with the extra padding, you’ll love a good grip and the confidence that comes along with it.

What Makes Some Motorcycle Gloves Waterproof?

You might wonder what the difference is between gloves made to be waterproof and gloves that are not. Here are a few common features included in waterproof gloves. 

Neoprene & Rubber

One of the most commonly used materials in waterproof motorcycle gloves is neoprene. Neoprene is a specific type of polymer composed of repeating structural units. Because of its makeup and manufacturing, neoprene is a waterproof synthetic rubber often used in many products, from wetsuits and gloves to hoses and weather stripping. 

You may also find other kinds of rubber used on your motorcycle gloves to help keep water and moisture out. Some companies, such a Gore Wear, construct their own unique technology to keep moisture and wind out. This particular company features Gore-Tex Fabric, which is design with pores 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet while still be breathable. 

Waterproof Coating

Other gloves use a special waterproof coating on the outside, either instead of or in addition to waterproof fabrics like neoprene. 

If you buy gloves that do not already have this coating, you can also buy the coating separately and waterproof your own gloves. 

Secure Straps

Waterproof material and coatings are excellent steps towards sealing your gloves, but you have to consider that there’s still an opening where your hand goes in. The best waterproof gloves have adjustable straps near the opening that you can tighten around your wrist to keep water from dripping down into your gloves.

How to Care for Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

In order to get the longest lifespan out of your gloves, you need to properly care for them. There are a few different steps you can take to do this. 

  1. Regularly wash and dry your gloves according to the manufacturer’s care instructions.

  2. Apply additional waterproof coating as needed. 

It usually is that simple, but if your gloves didn’t come with specific care instructions, you could follow this simple method: 

  1. Spritz the outside of your gloves with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. 

  2. Let the solution sit for about five minutes; this will allow it to disinfect the gloves.

  3. Use a gentle cloth to wipe off the excess liquid. 

  4. Sprinkle baking soda and cornstarch inside of the glove. 

  5. Close the opening at the wrist and shake the glove to spread the powders around.

  6. Shake out the excess powder into the sink or over a trash can.

The above method is easy and safe care for your waterproof motorcycle gloves.


The most enthusiastic motorcycle riders need the best equipment to make their rides safe, fun, and stylish. By choosing one of the gloves we’ve talked about today, you can take your riding to the next level, combating surprise rainstorms, cold weather, and even accidental impacts. 

People Also Ask

Even if you’ve been riding a motorcycle for most of your life, it doesn’t hurt to ask questions and make yourself aware. Specifically, in the area of waterproof gloves, many buyers come across the same types of questions. We’ve put a few together below to help make your buying process a little easier. 

Are Neoprene Motorcycle Gloves Waterproof?

Yes. Neoprene can be manufactured in two ways: closed-cell or open-cell form. When manufactured in closed-cell form it is waterproof. This happens when neoprene is manufactured with nitrogen gas, which makes the material buoyant, insulated, and waterproof.  

Is Gore-Tex 100 Percent Waterproof?

Gore-Tex fabric is designed with 9 billion pores per square inch, and each one of these pores is 20,000x smaller than a droplet of water. Because of this design, Gore Wear guarantees that your skin will stay both dry and warm when using this material. 

How Do You Keep Motorcycle Gloves from Smelling?

Regular care, maintenance, and cleaning can help prevent your motorcycle gloves from taking on any kind of smell due to sweat and moisture. Our guide listed above shows you step-by-step how you can disinfect the inside of your gloves using baking soda and cornstarch. 

Richa Arctic Winter Glove

How to Waterproof Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Leather gloves are widely popular in the motorcycle industry, but exposing them to water can ruin them. These steps can help you waterproof your leather gloves: 

  1. Start by purchasing a high-quality, reliable, waterproofing coating. 

  2. Clean off any dirt or grime on your gloves with a damp cloth; do not machine wash them. 

  3. Read the instructions on your waterproofing coating or wax carefully. 

  4. Dispense a small amount of coating onto the surface of the glove. 

  5. Using either a clean cloth or an included sponge, rub the wax or cream into the leather; give some extra attention to the seams. 

  6. Let the product sit for just a few minutes.

  7. Remove excess product with a damp cloth. 

  8. Let the gloves air dry - do not wring them out or put in the dryer. 

Please be aware that using any kind of cream or wax on leather gloves can impact the color. Consider testing it on a small portion of the glove before using it. 

Can You Machine Wash Waterproof Gloves?

Most waterproof gloves are machine washable. However, like with all products, make sure to read the care instructions carefully before doing so. Any gloves that contain leather should never be washed in a machine - even if they’ve been waterproofed. 

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