Best Motorcycle Glasses – (2021) Ultimate Guide

| Last Updated: January 15, 2022

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Eye protection is one of the most important things to think about when riding a motorcycle.

If you prefer glasses to goggles, you’re in the right place.

The right pair of motorcycle glasses gives you the perfect amount of protection and a clear view of the road. And we’re going to tell you how to find them.

Comparison of the Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses

  • Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses
  • Designed to easily fit on many face sizes
  • Durable plastic frame to prevent easy breaking
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  • Impact resistant coating to prevent easy chipping
  • Smoked lenses to reduce light intensity
  • Natural and clear view with yellow lenses
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  • Best for the Money
  • Made from premium quality materials to last longer
  • Comes equipped with UV400 graded lenses
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  • Best Motorcycle Sun Glasses
  • Foam padded frame for a more comfortable fit
  • A nice magnetic case included for protection of the glasses
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  • Best Motorcycle Glasses for Wind
  • You get 3 sets of glasses included in the set
  • Made from premium quality materials to last longer
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  • Best Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Foam padded frame for a more comfortable fit
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  • Best Transition Motorcycle Glasses
  • Memory flex frame used for durability
  • Lenses are scratch resistant to last longer
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What Purpose Do Motorcycle Glasses Serve? 

A lot of people think that motorcycle glasses are essentially the same as sunglasses. While there is some overlap, motorcycle glasses serve a much more important purpose. Riding without eye protection is not only uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous. That’s why the right pair of motorcycle glasses is so important.

Sun Protection

Depending on the tint of the lenses, some motorcycle glasses can double as sunglasses. This is one of the most popular uses for them, which is why there are so many options with dark tints. Bear in mind that tinted lenses are not always preferred. For example, you need eye protection at night, even though there is no sun to worry about.

Wind Protection

Wind protection is important. If you don’t have a helmet with a visor, you need a good pair of motorcycle glasses. When you ride, the wind comes directly at you, which makes it difficult to see. Motorcycle glasses solve this problem.

Dust Protection

The wind isn’t the only thing you have to worry about while riding. Along with the wind come dust, debris, and insects. These things are more than annoying. They can cause damage to your eyes if you’re not careful.

How to Choose Motorcycle Riding Glasses

There are a few main features to consider when choosing a pair of motorcycle riding glasses, including:


The tint is a lot more important than you might think. Before you can choose the right one, you have to decide how you plan to use the glasses. Dark tints are good for bright sunlight. Yellow is best for the night or low light. If you don’t like a yellow tint or if you just want something that provides physical protection, go for clear.


These glasses are supposed to have a snug fit. Most of them are lined with foam to keep them close to the face to block out as much wind as possible. Some also have adjustable nose pads to make sure the fit is as snug as possible.


When it comes to motorcycle gear, the lighter, the better. That goes for motorcycle glasses, too. Most of these glasses are ridiculously lightweight.

Ideally, they should be lightweight and comfortable enough so that you can wear them on long rides without discomfort.

Verdster Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Review of the Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Choosing the right type of motorcycle glasses isn’t easy, but here are a few great products to consider.

Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses:
DUBERY Men's Polarized Sunglasses


  • Durable plastic frames
  • Lightweight at less than one ounce
  • Unisex design comes in 12 color combinations
  • Polarized composite lens with UV protective coating
  • Includes glasses case, cleaning cloth, and polarization test card


  • Large frames
  • Lenses scratch easily

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers agree that these glasses are a great buy. They’re much more affordable than some of the big names out there but have a similar look and feel. Some people complained about the size of the frames. They are on the large side, so if you prefer smaller frames, these may not be the glasses for you.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love the style of these motorcycle glasses. The frames are a little big, but they have a retro 80s look that’s back in style. There are 12 color combinations to choose from. These include tame looks like all black and black and gray. Or, choose something a little more fun, like blue and orange frames with blue lenses or blue frames with purple lenses.

All glasses scratch much more easily than you’d think, which is why we are glad these sunglasses come with a case and cleaning cloth. The better you care for them, the longer they’ll last.

Bottom Line

These sunglasses are a great choice for anyone who loves a bit of an 80s retro look. The large frames are lightweight and extremely comfortable. They may be a bit tight under a full-face helmet, though.

LuckyStone UV Protection Glasses

3 Pair UV Protection Motorcycle Riding Glasses Padding Goggles Bicycle Sunglasses - Smoke Clear Yellow


  • Vented to prevent fogging
  • Durable lightweight rubber frame
  • Can be used with a full-face helmet
  • Polycarbonate lens with impact-resistant coating
  • Includes 3 pairs of glasses, each with a different color lense


  • Lenses fall out easily
  • May fit loose around the nose

What Recent Buyers Report

Most people were pleasantly surprised by this set of glasses. They mentioned that the lenses were surprisingly clear, and the ventilation worked really well. Most people liked one of the three pairs more than the others, but some found that all three came in handy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The best thing about this product is that it’s three in one. Each of the sunglasses has a different color lens and each serves a different purpose. 

The clear lens is mainly for protecting the eyes from wind, dust, and bugs. They’re mainly used as rain goggles, and they do not change the color of what you see ahead of you. 

The smoke lenses act as traditional sunglasses. They reduce light intensity and soften the scene, creating a better visual experience. This pair is great for riding and can also be used for a variety of sports.

Finally, the yellow lenses make things brighten and enhance the contrast. They’re the perfect choice for the evening, nights, and rainy weather.

Bottom Line

You get three pairs of glasses with this set, each for a different purpose. You might not find all of them useful, but most people found that at least one of them did the trick. And at this price, even if you only use one of the three, it’s a good buy.

Best for the Money:
Besti G-876 3-Pack Motorcycle Glasses

3-Pack Motorcycle Glasses – Foam Padding – Anti-Wind & Dust – Polycarbonate Lens (Yellow, Smoke, Clear)


  • Non-fogging vents
  • Shaped to protect against wind and dust
  • Hollow foam padding for lightweight comfort
  • High-quality, shatterproof, polycarbonate lenses
  • Includes 3 pairs, each with a different color lens that serves a different purpose


  • Loose fit
  • Foam padding peels off quickly

What Recent Buyers Report

These glasses are extremely affordable, and as some buyers mentioned, you get what you pay for. That said, some people were pleasantly surprised at how effective these were. Even though they may not last very long, they’re so affordable, getting more is not a big deal.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a nice set of three glasses, each with a different color lens. The lenses are made of shatterproof polycarbonate, and all of the frames have hollow foam padding. They're extremely lightweight, comfortable, and protective. Plus, you can use them for riding your motorcycle or for any other outdoor activity.

With this set, you get the following: clear lenses for general eye protection, yellow lenses for the night and low light, and smoke lenses to protect against the harsh sun. Each pair has non-fogging vents for safety and lenses that are UV resistant.

Bottom Line

This set of three glasses is extremely affordable and versatile. Whether you’re looking for general protection against wind and debris or a pair of sunglasses to help you see better in low light, this set delivers.

Best Motorcycle Sunglasses:
Verdster Polarized Sports Sunglasses


  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Polarized lenses to reduce eye strain
  • Lightweight foam padding for comfort
  • UV protection against UVA and UVB rays
  • Protecting case, pouch, and cleaning cloth included


  • May not fit small faces
  • Reports of sticky sponges

What Recent Buyers Report

Most people are pretty happy with these glasses. They’re extremely lightweight and comfortable. Some users reported that they had a snug but comfortable fit. That said, many people mentioned that the foam wasn’t attached very well and peeled off after a few uses.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love that the polarized lenses reduce eye strain. They also eliminate refractive, direct, and scattered light. This helps you see even when the light is harsh or coming in at a low angle. 

The foam-padded frames are comfortable and wrap around the face, providing 180-degree protection from the sun. They’re available in four color combinations, too, so you can choose one that matches your style. Go for the black frames and lenses for something more classic, or try the black frames with blue or orange frames for a look that stands out. A convenient foldable triangle case is included.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a simple but stylish pair of wraparound glasses, these are a great choice. They’re affordable, comfortable, and come in a wide range of colors. Plus. they come with a collapsible case that’s super easy to store when not in use.

Best Motorcycle Glasses for Wind:
Surpassme Riding Glasses

3 Pair Motorcycle Riding Glasses Padding Goggles UV Protection Dustproof Windproof Motorcycle Sunglasses with Clear Smoke Yellow Lens for Outdoor Sports Actives


  • Soft silicone sponge padding
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Dustproof, anti-wind, anti-glare design
  • Set of 3 glasses, each with a different color lens 
  • Non-slip rubber grip on arms to increase stability


  • Cheaply made
  • Not fog proof

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers agree that these glasses are effective at keeping bugs and other debris out of your eyes while riding. They also like that there are three options to choose from, depending on the type of riding. Most people agree that these glasses are comfortable, but a few said that the foam was slightly misplaced.

Why it Stands Out to Us

When you get a set of three glasses like this, the versatility is always the best feature. The clear lenses protect against insects and debris, the smoke lenses reduce intensity like regular sunglasses, and the yellow lenses enhance the contrast and are perfect for night or driving in low light. 

Each pair has black frames with silicone sponges that are extremely comfortable. They’re lightweight, too, so you can wear them for long periods without any discomfort. These glasses come with a soft carrying bag and cleaning cloth to keep them safe when not in use.

Bottom Line

Here’s a great set of three pairs of sunglasses that help you meet any driving conditions imaginable. Whether you’re heading out on a sunny day or taking a sunset ride along the beach, this set has the protection you need to see clearly and stay safe.

Best Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding:
Choppers Night Riding Glasses

Night Driving Riding Padded Motorcycle Glasses 011 Black Frame with Yellow Lenses (Black - High Definition Lens)


  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Available in 12 color combinations
  • High definition lenses for clear views
  • Durable plastic frames and non-polarized lenses


  • Low quality
  • Don’t last long

What Recent Buyers Report

Most people who purchased these lenses did so knowing that they were inexpensive. That said, some people had great experiences and mentioned that they were excellent at night and had great clarity. Others mentioned they were a little too dark. Some people also had quality issues.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These high definition lenses are designed for night and low-light riding. While some people felt they were too dark, these glasses come in 12 color combinations so one of them is sure to work for you. 

As for quality, as some users mentioned, you get what you pay for. These inexpensive glasses work well for what they’re supposed to do but lack the quality to last year after year. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes you want a pair of sunglasses like this for a special ride or trip. In that case, they’re a great choice that serves their purpose well.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that these glasses are a great buy. The high definition lenses work well in low light, making the view crisp and clear without distortion. While they’re not designed to last forever, they’re a good choice if you want a backup or a pair for a special occasion.

Best Transition Motorcycle Glasses:
Bikershades Motorcycle Glasses

BIKERSHADES Transitional Motorcycle Glasses Safety Photochromic CLEAR to SMOKE Lens


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Other color transitions also available
  • Soft case and cleaning cloth included
  • Transition lenses go from clear to smoke
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate safety lenses


  • Wide fit
  • May not be dark enough for day riding

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers felt that the fit was great, especially for those with larger heads who have a hard time finding sunglasses that aren’t too narrow. Some people felt that these glasses were perfect for transitioning from day to night riding. Others felt that they didn’t quite get dark enough for the bright sun.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Transition lenses are a cool feature in any pair of glasses. But they are extremely convenient in motorcycle sunglasses. They adjust when the ambient light changes, whether it’s daytime and clouds roll in or your ride takes you from day to night. It’s much more convenient than carrying two pairs of glasses. Plus, you don’t have to worry about stopping to change them. 

The lenses are also made of impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses. They’re scratch resistant and designed to last. We also really like the memory flex frames. The foam cushioning is extremely comfortable and vented to help prevent fogging.

Bottom Line

If you want a pair of motorcycle glasses with transition lenses, these are a great choice. They eliminate the need to carry two pairs of glasses with you, and they automatically shift depending on the ambient light.

Best Clear Motorcycle Glasses:
Global Vision SLYCL

Global Vision Sly Foam Padded Motorcycle Sunglasses Black Frame (Clear)


  • Ideal for night riding
  • Adjustable rubber nose pads
  • Rubber at the temples for a comfortable no-slip fit
  • Shatterproof, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • Soft, vented padding blocks wind and prevents fogging


  • Small size
  • Anti-fogging not always effective

What Recent Buyers Report

According to recent buyers, these motorcycle glasses are well made and impressive for the price. The lenses are clear and have a slim profile, but the anti-fog feature isn’t always effective. The frames fit well, but some people mentioned that air gets in around the sides.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These are a great pair of glasses for night riding. The clear lenses don’t change your view, but they still protect against wind, debris, and dust. We love the shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, and the scratch-resistant coating adds an extra layer of protection. 

The frames are great. Not only do they look fantastic, but they also have a rugged build that’s made to last. Dual-injected rubber at the temples creates a no-slip fit, and the soft foam padding seals out the wind. There are also adjustable rubber nose pads so you can make sure you get the right fit for your face. 

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a pair of motorcycle glasses for night riding but don’t like a tinted lens, this might be the pair for you. The clear lenses protect you against wind and dust without obstructing your view.

Types of Motorcycle Glasses

As you can see, there are a few types of motorcycle glasses, and it’s not always easy to know which ones are best for different situations. Here are a few of the most popular types of motorcycle glasses and when each is appropriate:

Yellow Tint

Yellow tinted glasses are ideal for low light. They’re a popular choice for night riding but are also very useful at dusk or on heavily overcast days. Yellow lenses do not help much in the bright sunlight, so if you get a pair, make sure you also have a separate pair to ride during the day.

Polarized Lenses

Normally, the light that your eyes pick up is reflected off another object. On a motorcycle, this light can bounce off the road, a car in front of you, or buildings lining the street. This makes the light hit your eyes at various angles. Polarized lenses block some of this reflected light, eliminating glare and increasing contrast.

Clear Lenses

Clear lenses don’t provide any protection against sunlight, but they do keep wind and debris out of your eyes. Some people prefer clear lenses to yellow-tinted lenses at night, but they don’t help much blocking the sun during the day.

What is the Difference Between Motorcycle Glasses vs Regular Sunglasses? - Comparison Overview 

There are a few important differences between regular sunglasses and motorcycle glasses. Here are the main things to consider:


Regular glasses come in all shapes and sizes. While some of them may be suitable for motorcycle riding, others are not. Motorcycle glasses are designed to fit snug around the head and close to the face to keep the wind out of the eyes. 


Sunglasses have a practical purpose, but people usually choose the type of sunglasses they want to be based on styling. Some styles look great but are way too heavy to use as motorcycle glasses.

Motorcycle glasses are lightweight. So much so that you might even forget you’re wearing them.


Motorcycle glasses are generally much thinner than regular sunglasses. Some of them are so thin, they fit underneath a full-face helmet.

While you may not want a pair of glasses that you can wear under your helmet, you surely need a pair that you can wear with a helmet. Motorcycle helmets are designed with this in mind, which is why they’re a better option.

Benefits of Investing in Quality Motorcycle Glasses

There are a lot of really affordable and even cheap motorcycle glasses out there if you’re looking for a bargain. Finding a good pair of motorcycle glasses has its benefits, though. Here are some of the reasons why investing in a high-quality pair is a great idea:


If you’re ever had a pair of sunglasses that scratched, you know how easily it can happen. The last thing you want is a scratch on your new pair of motorcycle glasses. Scratches can disrupt your vision, which is something you never want when riding. When you have a pair of lenses with anti-scratch protection, the chances of this happening are much less.

Longer Lasting

High-quality motorcycle glasses are made with better materials, which means that they’re built to last. It’s annoying to find a pair of glasses that you love only to have the break too soon. When you invest in a good pair, there’s a good chance that they’ll last a little longer.

Better Fit

One of the most important things about motorcycle glasses is that they fit properly. If they aren’t snug against the face, they won’t provide the necessary wind protection. The better the glasses, the more likely it is that they’ll sit right and block the wind.

Safety Considerations for Motorcycle Glasses

There are some things to think about when wearing motorcycle glasses to ensure safety. While it’s important to wear motorcycle glasses, you have to find the right pair or you won’t get all the benefits.

Right Fit

The right fit is really important. Without it, the glasses won’t be able to do what they’re meant to do. The right fit ensures that the wind can’t get behind the glasses and that they’ll stay on your face as intended.

Right Tint

The tint is a very important thing to think about when it comes to motorcycle glasses. The wrong tint in the wrong light can be extremely dangerous.

For example, wearing dark lenses meant to combat the bright sunlight at night limits your ability to see and can be dangerous. At the same time, wearing yellow-tinted glasses during the day won’t give you the protection you need in the bright sunshine. 

Right Quality

High-quality glasses are important if you’re looking for something that will last a long time. That said, there are times when you might not care so much about quality. For example, if you’re looking for a spare to keep for a passenger, a lower quality pair might do.


Choosing the right pair of motorcycle glasses isn’t always easy, but once you know what to look for, it’s a lot easier. We gave you a lot of information to help you find the right pair for your needs. 

People Also Ask

We know it’s not always easy to choose the right gear. Here are some of the main things that people want to know about motorcycle glasses.

How Do You Keep Your Glasses From Fogging up When Wearing a Helmet?

The best way to keep your glasses from fogging up is to get an anti-fogging spray and apply it to the lenses. You should also look for a pair of glasses with ventilation. This might not help too much if you’re wearing them under your helmet, but it’s still a nice feature to have.

Why Are Motorcycle Glasses Padded?

The padding is meant to keep the glasses snug against the face. They fill in the gap between the frames and your face to block out as much air as possible. Without this padding, there would be space between the glasses and your face. The wind would get through, defeating the purpose of wearing the glasses in the first place.

Is There a Law About Wearing Glasses When Riding a Motorcycle?

Eye protection is legally required in some states, but the laws vary. Some states require eye protection all the time while others don’t have any laws on the books.

That said, you should always wear eye protection for your safety, regardless of the laws.

What Do You Put on Your Glasses When You Ride Your Motorcycle in the Rain?

There’s nothing you can do about rain on your glasses when riding. The best thing to do is stop and look for shelter if you’re having a hard time seeing.

How to Keep Glasses on While Riding Motorcycle

This is one of the reasons it’s so important to get glasses that are meant for riding. When the glasses are shaped correctly, the wind will blow over them and they’ll stay in place. 

How Do I Keep My Motorcycle Sunglasses From Fogging Up? 

Again, the best thing you can do is get a pair of glasses that are designed not to fog in the first place. Some have vents that allow air to move through, preventing the lenses from fogging.

Can Motorcycle Glasses Fit Over Prescription Glasses?

Some might, but they have to be specially designed to do so, just like regular sunglasses. Some people with eyeglasses might choose goggles instead of sunglasses as they may fit over them a little better.

Do I Have to Buy a Separate Pair Of Prescription Glasses For Riding a Motorcycle?

No, you can wear your regular prescription eyeglasses while riding a motorcycle. You might want to consider getting glasses with special lenses that are as durable as possible. You can either have your lenses tinted or get clip on sunglasses to protect your eyes when wearing prescription lenses. 

How Do I Clean Motorcycle Glasses After Riding?

Cleaning your glasses with the wrong thing can scratch the lenses and cause a lot of damage. Some of the products we chose include a microfiber cleaning cloth. It’s important to use something that won’t scratch or damage the lens in any way. 

Can Motorcycle Glasses Be Worn With a Full Face Helmet?

It depends on the style of motorcycle glasses. Some can, but you have to look for a pair that are specifically designed to do so. Luckily, we included a few pairs in our list.

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