Can You Buy a Motorcycle Without a License?

| Last Updated: June 30, 2021

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Many people are interested in motorcycles without even having a motorcycle license, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Anyone can purchase a motorcycle without having a valid motorcycle license, and you’ll find that dealerships won’t require you to provide proof of it at any point during your purchase.

Reasons For Buying a Motorcycle Without a License

Everyone has their reasons for wanting a motorcycle without having a license for it, and the same can be said for many other items that people buy. You see people purchasing collectible cars all of the time without having any intention of ever taking them on the road.


Purchasing a motorcycle as a collectible item is a huge reason why someone would want to do so without having a license for it. If it’s a senior that has driven a motorcycle their entire life and no longer has a license to drive but still enjoys the look of them, purchasing one can help them reminisce about their younger days.


This might seem obvious, but sometimes people will purchase a motorcycle as a gift for a loved one or friend who does have a motorcycle license.


There are plenty of deal hunters who like to purchase certain things and then later resell them for a higher price. If someone sees a motorcycle that’s selling on the used market for way cheaper than it’s worth, they might purchase it solely to make a profit on it.

Can You Buy a Motorcycle Without a License?

You don’t require a license to purchase a motorcycle, and dealerships won’t ask you for proof of your license before purchasing it. If you’re driving the motorcycle home off of the lot, then you’ll require your license to be with you, but not if you’re hauling it home through other means.

Can You Buy Motorcycle Insurance Without a License?

No rules or regulations are stating that you can’t purchase a motorcycle if you don’t have a motorcycle license. Not everyone has the same intention of riding the motorcycle for themselves. 

Because of a lack of rules and regulations regarding purchasing a motorcycle without a license, you won’t hear a bike dealership asking you to provide proof of your licensure before you drive it off the lot. Dealerships are more focused on making the sale instead of worrying about you showing your license.

The legalities come into play if you’re planning on driving the motorcycle off the lot without a valid license. Your regular vehicle license isn’t the same as a motorcycle license.

Can You Register a Motorcycle Without a License?

The majority of locations in North America will require you to provide proof of your motorcycle license before allowing you to register it. Most insurance providers won’t consider insuring a driver without having proof that they are licensed to operate the vehicle.

Getting licensed to operate a motorcycle might differ depending on where you’re located. Usually, the minimum age at which you can qualify for motorcycle licensure is age 16. 

What Is Required To Register?

To register your motorcycle, you’ll have to provide proof that you’re the owner of it. In some locations, you’ll be paying a title fee in addition to a registration fee. When you register a motorcycle, your name will be attached to the vehicle.

If you plan on selling the motorcycle, there will be some transfer of ownership documents required, and both the buyer and the seller will need to sign off on the documents to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership. 

Insurance on a motorcycle is typically higher than cars, and the price will reflect a few things:

  • The cubic capacity of the motorcycle

  • How long you’ve had your license for

  • Your driving record

How to Buy a Motorcycle Without a License

If you’re planning on purchasing a motorcycle without having a valid motorcycle license, you’ll have to figure out how you’re going to get it back home. For those purchasing a motorcycle straight from a dealership, it would be wise to ask if they have motorcycle delivery services available.

If you have a truck and trailer, then you’re already one step ahead of the game. Trailering the motorcycle home is probably the most efficient way to get it back to your home. Ensure you’re strapping it down properly and securely in place. 

Note that you should contact your insurance provider before hauling the motorcycle back home. You’ll want the motorcycle to be insured if any accidents should occur during transit. 

If you don’t have a truck and trailer, ask a friend who has a motorcycle license. Ask them if they can drive the motorcycle back to your place for you.

All in all, why you’re purchasing the motorcycle determines if you should be getting it without a license. Usually, people will get a license before purchasing a vehicle that they intend to drive. 


Purchasing a motorcycle without a license is something you can do, but you have to go about it in the right way. You’ll never want to purchase a motorcycle to drive it off of the lot without a valid motorcycle license. While dealerships aren’t required to check for licensure, you’d be breaking the law if you did drive without being licensed.

People Also Ask

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding the topic.

Is a License Required For All Motorcycles?

If you have the intention of taking a motorcycle on the road, it will require licensure and a valid motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license. In addition, the motorcycle will also need to be registered and insured. The insurance rate will depend on the cubic capacity of the motorcycle, how long you’ve had your license, and how many merits you have accumulated over time.

What Do You Need To Get a Motorcycle Permit?

Getting a motorcycle permit will depend on what part of the country you’re located in. In most locations, you’ll have to be over 16 years of age, go through a brief basic rider course, and do a hands-on motorcycle exam, and take a road test. After that, you’ll be subject to a probationary period that contains a bunch of rules that you’ll have to abide by.

Can You Drive a New Motorcycle Home With Just a Permit?

No permit will give a non-licensed motorcycle driver the ability to drive it home off the lot after purchasing it.

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